Choosing the Best Fish Finder

3d question markMost fish finder reviews will give you information about what type of fish finder will suit you best pointing it to a particular fish finder. The fact of the matter is that the best fish finder for you will depend on a number of factors including the needs and the budget.

A fish finder is a form of a GPS instrument that uses sonar to pin point objects and in this case fish. These are waves transmitted under water at certain depths that are reflected by the object.

Sonar readers come in different types. These have been used and were used first in the military by the navy to spot submarines and other items in the water. The fish finders now come in as ideal tools for fishing eliminating the previous guesswork that was used by fishermen. Investing in this gadget definitely improves the chances of your reeling in the best from the water. They also come in different designs and looks depending on the designer. Portable fish finder is different from a fixed one but will do the same thing in the long run. So if you are a fan of catching crappie for example, a portable fishfinder is no different to a standard one. There are four essential parts that make up any fish finder.

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Parts and functions of the fish finder

These include the transducer, the transmitter, the receiver and the display screen .All these come together to form the equipment and make reading of the results easier for the user. The transmitter will send the electric signal to the transducer which then turns this wave to a sound which is then used by the transducer to send the waves into the water. The receiver receives the echo and the display screen gives the findings.

These parts all come in handy in creating an ideal fish finder. These are important tools and finding the best in the market means ease of work and in most cases more accuracy. There are a number of factors that you should consider when it comes to getting the best fish finder to suit your fishing or research needs. These factors will also help you pick what suits you best. The most expensive fish finder will not necessarily suit you in terms of functionality and most of all, your budget. For example the Humminbird 597ci is certainly an upmarket fishfinder, however it has plenty of features that warrant such a hefty price tag.

Factors to consider for the best fish finder

The location of fishing

You need a fish finder that suits your fishing location. Are you looking to fish in a lake or an ocean? The best fish finders in the ocean will need more power to send the signals and receive them. The more powerful the fish finder, the further and the deeper the signal goes. A standard fish finder will do an accurate job in shallow waters as compared to getting an expensive finder. This may be termed to as override but can be bought if it can be afforded. There are lakes that have murky waters which may be harder to work with when using a standard fish finder.

The display

The display screen of the fish finder is something you will need to consider. A bigger and colored display will be more visible to the eye. A smaller or a black and white display will not only strain your eye but be difficult to work with in the sun. Get a screen that has clear representation of the information for the purpose of getting the best readings. These will definitely cost more but ware worth it. You can get a smaller colored screen display if the bigger one is too expensive for your. The black and white finder displays are he cheapest in the market. They are a bit of a tedious partner but will do if that is your budget range.


You will need to figure out what kind of fish finder you need. This is in terms of portability. People working in the ocean will mostly use the fixed big screen display fish finders. The size will also determine how the fixation is to be done. Portable ones are ideal if they are weaker in terms of power meaning they will make readings in shallower waters. Strong fish finders do not need to be portable for them to do any kind of readings.

Ease of use

The ease of use and the interpretation of the fish finder will also be a good determining factor. Go for a gadget that is simpler enough to read if you are a simple fisher man as opposed to getting a complicated gadget that is meant for people dealing with marine sciences.

Go for a good bargain

The budget will obviously affect the kind of fish finder you get. You however need to invest in a good fish finder for the purpose of getting the best readings. Better fish finders will definitely be more durable and most often of better quality. These can purchased online or from any retail store dealing with fishing equipment. Some of the fish finder reviews online will also be about particular fish finders. Get what suits your fishing needs so as to enjoy the fishing experience more.

For further detailed information on fishfinders, please check out our interactive chart on our homepage.

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