The Vexilar T-Pod SmartPhone Fish Finder SP100 Review



The Vexilar T-POD SP100 is a battery charged highly portable WiFi transmitter fish finder. Vexilar, the company behind the production of this product included different aspects that fishing enthusiasts consider when looking for a high performing, reliable and good quality unit.

The versatility of this unit allows for it to either be pulled behind a vessel or simply thrown out from the shore. The exceptional design of the T-POD enables it to follow a straight path while in the water and at high speeds of 5miles/hour.

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Features of the Vexilar T-POD SP100

Seen below are some of the features which have largely contributed to its effectiveness.

1. Compatibility

– It is compatible with the Android 2.0 system as well as the iOS 4.3. These are usually available in iPads and iPhones.

– This provides users with a wide variety of choice.

2. Automatic ranging

– This feature will help you understand your unit quite fast.

– While in this mode, the unit will automatically detect and display the complete range between the sonar and the bottom for the sole purpose of detecting fish.

3. Fish icon

– It is a graphic image projected onto the screen each time the Fish Identification+ gives a positive interpretation from the available fish arc.

4. Fish alarm

– The alarm is set to alert you whenever a fish symbol is displayed on the screen. This is usually pre-loaded into the settings.

– It works hand in hand with the fish symbol feature.

5. Bottom track zoom

– This feature is more effective in shallow waters.

– It makes it possible for you to zoom in on selected areas within the waters along your set path.

– This will help reveal everything present in a particular area with more clarity.

This sonar phone is WiFi enabled and acts as a hotspot. The available signal can be shared with a good number of people. The required software APP is free and can be downloaded from Google Play or the APP store. Other important aspects of this unit include:


It is one of the main components of a fish finder. Its main function is to project the images from the area beneath your boat to your screen via a sonar beam. It works best when submerged in water. The information from the SP100 is usually relayed wireless through the T-POD.

It functions through a single beam with a wide angle 30 degree signaling beam. The SP100 transducer has a transmit frequency of 125 kHz and is water activated.

 Display (Resolution and Size)

The screen can either be colored or black and white. Colored screens are much better since they project clear and sharper images. The size also matters a lot since larger screens have a wide surface area thereby providing an easy view.

The Vexilar T-POD SP100 can be used with a smartphone but which is not included in the package. Such devices have screen controls with LCD screen protectors which prevent the formation of fog on the screen and the straining of the eyes.


Units such as the Vexilar T-POD SP100 with high power outputs come highly recommended due to their increased levels of effectiveness. Such devices are capable of penetrating through thermocline as well as weeds and get to deeper depths. The SP-100 has a power output of 400watts on point to point.

Portable or fixed

A fish finder unit can either be fixed or portable. Fixed units are normally attached to a craft permanently. These units are usually much larger and have more features. The transducer can either be attached to the stern or hull.

On the other hand, portable devices such as the Vexilar T-POD SP100 are more suited for smaller crafts such as kayaks or on hired vessels. Due to their versatility, they can be attached to fishing rods.

Ease of use

Fish finder devices which are easy to operate make the entire fishing experience quite enjoyable for the skilled and amateur anglers. A good example of such is the Vexilar SP100. Its efficiency and reliability will enable you increase your catch with minimal effort.

How does the Vexilar T-POD SP100 stack up against other Fishfinders?

A good example would be comparing the Vexilar T-POD SP100 with the Humminbird Piranhamax 160. The latter operates on a point to point power output of 1600watts while that of the SP100 is 400watts.

Another comparison between these two models includes the fact that the Vexilar T-POD SP100 features bottom track zoom which enables you to get a clear view of your set track. This is not present in the Humminbird Piranhamax 160.

You can compare the Vexilar T-POD with other fishfinder models such as this one. Alternatively on our homepage there is a comparison table featuring many models to compare to.


– Performs consistently.

– Exceptional sonar performance.

– Easy to operate.


– Not suitable for larger vessels.

– It takes time to turn off.

Our Verdict:

The Vexilar SP100 is a versatile fishfinder with good features providing exceptional performance for its size and price.

And talking about price, this model fits in nicely at the lower end of the pricing spectrum, which will suit most amateur anglers that aren’t after anything too sophisticated.

The feedback that we have received from customers has been relatively positive too. We would recommend this fish finder as a perfect birthday or Christmas gift, or for yourself if you want a fish finder that does it is requested to do without all the bells and whistles.

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