The Signstek FF-011 Fishfinder Review


Signstek FF-011

As you go out fishing, a fish finder is one of the most important devices you can make use of. The reason for this is because it enables you view the waters from an eye view of a fish. The Signstek FF-011 is a good example of a fish finder. The company behind the production of this device is Signstek (unfortunately they do not have a website).

Its design and simple nature makes it suitable for mainly amateur fishermen. It enables you to locate the fish as you view the area beneath your boat.

Features of the Signstek FF-011

1. 5 sensitivity levels

– This controls the amount of detail projected on the display from the water.

– Higher sensitivity usually displays increased sonar returns. However, this can project too much clutter on the display.

– Sensitivity must be set just right in order to get the best display.

2. Depth range

– This feature regulates the depth to be displayed between the setting and the transducer.

– Specific depth settings can be inserted. If placed at 20 feet, then the searching will be done within this range.

– The sonar returns displayed will be restricted to a range of 0 to 20 feet.

3. Zoom on/off

– This feature enables you focus on a particular section underneath the water for purposes of enhancing resolution.

– Improved resolution enables the angler get a clear view of fish around the structures or those swimming in groups.

4. Fish symbol

– It is an icon projected on the screen whenever fish identification+ confirms returned sonar as being a fish.

5. Fish alarm

– When set, the alarm will sound whenever a fish symbol which is pre-loaded in the alarm settings is displayed.

– This usually works together with the fish symbol feature.

Other important features of the Signstek FF-011 include:


This section of the sonar system works best when immersed in water. It functions by changing electrical to sound energy which then creates the sonar beam. This beam then picks out any structures or fish underneath the water. The Signstek FF has width coverage of 90 degrees.

Display (Resolution and Size)

A good fish finder is one with a sizeable display and high resolution. The reason for this is because it provides a large surface area for an easy view. As a user, you will be able to clearly see all the information displayed such as structures and digital readouts. The resolution will enable you zoom in and focus on a specific structure even when located a distance away. With 128 by 64 pixels, the Signstek FF will give you a clear view of structures and fish located some distance away.


The power output of a fish finder is usually measured in watts. The higher it is, the more powerful and effective a device will be. This Signstek model has a peak to peak output of 4000 watts. This makes this device effective when it comes to delivery.

Portable or fixed

Fish finder devices can either be portable or fixed. The main difference between these two is the fact that unlike portable, fixed units are permanently affixed to a vessel. As a fish enthusiast, you have the option to choose from either. However, anglers who hire boats are more suited to work with portable fish finders such as the Signstek FF-011.

When in use, these portable devices are usually attached to a boat using a suction cup which can easily be detached once you are through with fishing.

Ease of use

A user friendly fish finder comes highly recommended as it makes things easy for a user to operate. Such devices are therefore suitable for both professional and amateur anglers. One good example of such is the Signstek FF. This is evident through numerous features which help make the entire fishing experience less complicated.

How does the Signstek Compare to other Fishfinders:

As you compare different fish finder models, you will get a rough idea on the performance level and uniqueness of the models in question. When making a purchase, this will help you make the most suitable selection. A good example would be comparing the Signstek FF with the Humminbird 120. The latter has a much higher sensitivity level of 8 while that of the Signstek FF is a level 5.

Another difference between these two models can be seen in their resolution. The Signstek FF has a resolution pixel of 128 by 64 while that of the Humminbird 120 is 240 by 160. It is therefore clear to see that the latter has a much higher resolution.
In order to fully know a product, you must be aware of its pros and cons. This also applies to the Signstek FF.

You can find more comparisons by viewing our interactive table on our homepage


– Excellent maneuverability.

– Fairly priced for its quality.

– User friendly.


– When compared to some other devices, it has weak sonar.

– Some features such as chartplotting and GPS are not included.

Our Verdict:

The wireless device of the Signstek FF-011 does give it an advantage compared to some of the other cheaper models on the market, however as a whole, it’s not the most powerful device and there are certainly many other fish finders out there that beat it in most categories.

The reviews that prior customers have given have been pretty solid, however it’s not a hugely popular model, and you should tread lightly before proceeding, as the reputation of Signstek is relatively unknown compared to other brands. In fact, if something were to go wrong, it may be difficult to replace the parts. Without even a sales website on Google, it would be wise to proceed with caution.

If however you are thinking of purchasing the Signstek FF-011, we would recommend you buy through amazon.

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