Raymarine Dragonfly Gold Review


Raymarine Dragonfly Fishfinder Sonar GPS with Navionics Gold

The Raymarine Dragonfly is a fishfinder that comes with clear pulse chirp sonar and a two channel transducer that automatically reveals fish and all underwater structures in a clear manner.

Created by Raymarine Marine Electronics, Dragonfly fishfinder utilizes both Raymarine exclusive down vision sonar as well as conventional sonar to ensure optimum visibility. Dragonfly Fishfinder weighs 4.6 pounds and measures 14 x 10 x 5 inches.

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Key Features of the Raymarine Dragonfly Fishfinder

It has a trackback feature that allows storage of waypoints. This feature saves the user time, fuel and agony of retracing various points.

It has an inbuilt 50 channel GPS that is made using fast acquisition technology to ensure added confidence while navigating.

A micro SD card slot where you can insert various map charts, it is very essential as it acts as a unit of data storage. Quick release swivel bracket is also included.


The Dragonfly fishfinder uses a two channel transducer which is a bit huge and works perfectly well. It is quite resilient and will continue working even after banging several times. It is a transom mount transducer.


The resolution of the display is attractive; 640 x 480 pixels and uses LED backlight making it viewable even in sunny conditions. The screen diagonally measures 5.7 inches, and full color. It provides images of unmatched clarity.


The Dragonfly fishfinder is very powerful; this is because it uses an entire spectrum of frequencies both high and low and creates absolute clarity.


The device is portable, however, it is very laborious to keep removing it and re-installing it. Therefore, it is advisable just leave it on the mount provided it is safe.

Ease of Usage

Dragonfly is among the easiest to use fishfinder you can come across. Apart from the installation part that you may need a professional hand, the rest is as easy as using a phone.

Comparison With the Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Fishfinder

One of main difference between the Raymarine Dragonfly Gold and the Raymarine Dragonfly 7 is the cost. With the latter costing a third more than the other.

While both of them use dual channel CHIRP sonar for imaging, Dragonfly with Navionics gold displays images on a 5.7 inch screen while dragonfly fishfinder 7 displays images on 7 inch screen (The name speaks for itself).

Most of the key features of both fishfinders are almost the same apart from a few variances. The Dragonfly fishfinder with Navionics gold however is much lighter as it weighs 4.6 pounds while the latter weighs 5 pounds. This in part is due to the larger sized screen.

You can find other comparisons with similar model fishfinders or by going to the Fish Finder Reviews homepage. Alternatively our interactive chart here will also allow you to filter through a large number of Fish Finders to find more information on other models.


Clarity at Its Best – The Dragonfly combines a broad spectrum of frequencies and hence produces images of astonishing clarity. You will clearly see all types of fish, structures and wrecks that are underneath the surface of water.

Easy to Use – Once installed, the Dragonfly fishfinder with Navionics gold proves completely simple to use and you will become accustomed to it within the first few minutes, you do not need to attend any lesson to get to know how it works. The quick release swivel bracket is easy to install and allows the adjustment of the fishfinder to any angle.

Several Languages – You do not need to worry about our language if you need to use Raymarine fishfinder with Navionics gold. This is because the manual is well written in 13 different and most commonly used languages worldwide. Therefore, despite your location or language, you will absolutely learn how to use it.

All Weather Use – The screen has a LED backlight that makes it easily visible during sunny conditions. Enjoy your fish hunt and don’t pause simply because the sunlight is obstructing you from the screen.

Safe to Use – With this fishfinder, you will not have to worry about it getting damaged; this is because it has a safety feature that allows a quick release in case you hit an object unintentionally. It breaks away and pops up after which you can easily return it into its position.


Manual is too brief – and pre-emptily assumes that the users will work through the screen and find some features on their own. It would be a brilliant idea if Raymarine Electronics made available a detailed manual for this fishfinder.

Our Verdict

Generally, the advantages of this fishfinder far outweigh the disadvantages. The only potential stumbling block could be the price for some amateur anglers. However if you take your fishing seriously, the price of this fishfinder shouldn’t put you off as there are still many other models out there that are much more expensive.

The feedback we have received from customers that have purchased the Raymarine Dragonfly has been extremely positive. (We are yet to hear from a disgruntled owner.) The user ratings are also very high, indicating that you will most likely not be disappointed by this particular fishfinder model. Definitely one for all anglers out there, not just the experts.

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