Lowrance X-4 Fishfinder Review



The number of people who have taken up fishing as a hobby is increasing by the day. While undertaking this activity, the more fish you catch the better and more satisfied you feel. This not only comes with some experience and knowing where to pick the right spots, but also by using the right kind of equipment such as the Lowrance X-4 FishFinder.

The company behind the production of the above named fish finder is Lowrance. It is known for its production of high performance and good quality sonar anglers. This has been achieved through the supervision of expert in-house engineers who oversee the production process. The high performance capability has come about as a result of the numerous features present in this fish finder model.

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Features of the Lowrance X-4 Fishfinder

1. Led display.

– It measures 4-inches. This allows for easy viewing as it can be used under direct sunlight.

– The led display protects the eyes against any strain which may come about as a result of glimmer.

2. Gray scale.

– It has a gray scale of up to 4 levels.

– This feature helps to provide superior clarity as well as target definition.

– Through the target definition, you will be able to differentiate between the fish and the structure positioned beneath the waters.

– Another function of this feature is to separate the strong and the weak sonar returns.

3. Dual and single frequency.

– It offers users varying boating and fishing conditions.

– This information comes in quite handy as it helps users know when best to fish and the most suitable locations for various types of fish.

4. Skimmer transducer.

– It offers a wide fish detection area which is highly effective when it comes to increasing the catch.

– It covers a width of about 60 degrees with a depth capability of 600 feet with high sensitivity settings for a more enhanced view.

– Offers notable bottom readings even at speeds of up to 70mph.

– It also comes with an in-built sensor to check on water temperatures. Different fish species thrive in specific water temperatures therefore by knowing the water temperatures in different fishing spots, you will be able to locate the right spot depending on the fish you are interested in thereby increase your catch.

5. Screen backlighting.

– It comes in quite handy when working under dim lighting.

– It helps you extend on your fishing hours as you can comfortably fish in the evening or during the night and still get a clear view of all the information projected onto your screen with the help of the backlight.
Other than the above mentioned features, there are various other factors which have contributed and strengthened the overall performance capability of the Lowrance X-4 FishFinder. These include:


Its transducer is usually mounted in the transom. The best location to do the mounting is at the bottom section of the transom with the installation being done before taking the boat into the water.
The Lowrance x-4 fishfinder has a transducer which supports frequencies of 200 KHz and with a coverage area of 60 degrees wide. It can cover a depth of up to 600 feet and is highly sensitive.

Display(Resolution and Size)

The screen size is important since sizable screen provide better viewing. Fish finders with high resolution settings, can easily focus and zoom in on targeted areas for enhanced and highly detailed images. The Lowrance X-4 screen measures 4 inches with a 240 by 160 resolution pixel.


The higher the power output the better the performance. This is due to the fact that low output translates to slow readings. The Lowrance x-4 has a PTP power output of 800 watts. Deep water fishing requires high powered units.

Portable or fixed

Fish finders can either be portable or fixed. The latter is usually permanently fixed on a specific section of a boat while portable fish finders such as Lowrance X-4 can easily be mounted onto the most suitable section of a boat and later removed once the fishing is done.

Ease of use

For maximum results and to get the most out of your fish finder, it is necessary to select one which is easy to operate. A good example of such is the Lowrance x-4. Its ease of use makes it suitable for both professional as well as amateur anglers.

Comparison with Other Model Fishfinders

As you compare two or more fish finders, you will get to know more about the performance capability, features as well as strengths of varying fishfinder models. A good example would be comparing the Lowrance x-4 to the Humminbird 140c. The latter has a screen size measuring 3.5 inches while that of Lowrance x-4 being larger and measuring 4 inches.

Another difference between these two models includes the fact that the Lowrance x-4 has a depth capability of 600 feet while that of the Humminbird 140c is 120 feet.

We have reviewed other Lowrance models here as well as here. Alternatively you can see our full fish finder interactive comparison table or by going to our homepage.


– Light in weight making it highly portable.

– Quite easy to mount and user friendly.

– High screen resolution with gray and black layering.

– Fitted with a Led display and can be used under direct sunlight.


– Has been fitted with rubber connectors which move about quite easily.

– Its design makes it susceptible to damage.

Our Verdict

The common consensus with this particular model is value for money. The Lowrance X-4 has a number of features which make this particular model a popular choice among many anglers.

The customer feedback has been relatively positive, with the majority of buyers of the Lowrance X-4 being pleased with their purchase. No doubt the low price point was a great clincher for some that were undecided and on the fence.

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