The Lowrance Mark-4 Combo Fishfinder Review


Lowrance Mark-4 Combo Fishfinder

As a fishing enthusiast, you need to make use of the right kind of devices if you want to increase your catch and without much hassle. A good example of such as device is a fish finder. There are numerous models of fish finder devices available with the Lowrance Mark-4 Combo being one of them.

This model is one of the latest designs and productions from one of the leading marine companies, Lowrance Electronics. It features an in-built GPS antenna and hybrid imaging which gives you one of the best views of the area underneath your vessel.

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Features of the Lowrance Mark-4 Combo Fishfinder

Features which have also contributed to its high performance and reliability include:

1. Display

– It features LED protective layer which protects the eyes and prevents straining especially when working under direct sunlight.

– The backlight comes in quite handy especially when out at night as it helps light up the interface for a better view.

– The screen measures 4 inches. This is a suitable size which provides the user with a large surface area for a good view.

2. Grayscale

– It works by separating strong and weak sonar echoes.

– It will enable you easily distinguish between structure and fish located at the bottom.

– It classifies the sonar returns as either being hard or soft. The latter is displayed as a thin reddish-blue zone while a hard return is displayed as a bright yellow wide area.

3. Trackback

– It enables you access your most recent sonar history including fish targets, structures and transition.

– This is done by simply moving the cursor onto the left side in order to create a reverse movement.

– It removes the need of having to retrace your path.

4. GPS

– It offers accurate information in regards to current positioning.

– It has been made possible via satellite technology.

– This works together with the chart-plotter thereby allowing you mark useful spots and go back to those areas as many times as you want.

Other important aspects include:


The Mark-4 Combo Base doesn’t come with a transducer, however the upgraded version does. It functions on a skimmer transducer which consists of dual sonar beam which supports two different frequencies which are 83 by 200 kHz. The latter is highly sensitive with excellent target discrimination while in shallow waters. 83 kHz provides a broader cone angle for increased water coverage.

This makes this specific unit suitable for different conditions ranging from shallow to deep waters. This can either be fresh or salt water. In order to achieve maximum depth capability, the transducer must be installed correctly.

Display (Resolution and Size)

This is an important aspect of a fish finder. Larger screens are more suitable since they provide a large surface area which automatically translates to better view and clear images. Units with high resolution are highly effective due to their ability to focus and zoom into specific areas for detailed and enhanced images.

The Mark-4 combo has a screen measuring 4 inches and with a high resolution pixel of 320 by 240.


Fish finders with high power outputs come highly recommended. The reason for this is because low output results in slow readings. This means that the details projected on the screen may be of an already passed section. The Mark-4 Combo has a point to point output of 2100 watts. This type of output involves the total output from a unit’s transmitter.

Fishing in shallow waters requires less power while highly powered units are suited for deeper waters.

Portable or fixed

Fixed units have transducers which are permanently fixed into a specific position which can either be on the stern, hull or trolling motor. Anglers who go on retreats or rent boats, portable devices such as the Lowrance Mark-4 Combo come highly recommended. This is due to their capability to perform in different situations. Their compact size allows for easy transportation.

Ease of use

In order to get maximum results from a fish finder it should have minimal complications in operating it. This makes the entire process much easier. Such devices including the Mark-4 Combo are easy to use and therefore suitable for anglers with different skill sets.

 Comparing the Mark 4-Combo with other fishfinder models:

By comparing different models it will help you rate the effectiveness of a product. When comparing the Lowrance Mark-4 Combo with the Vexilar T-POD SP100 for example, you will realize that the latter consists of automatic ranging which displays the range between the bottom and the sonar for fish detection purposes. This feature is not present in the Mark-4 Combo.

When looking at the power output, the Mark-4 Combo is much higher with a point to point of 2100 watts while that of Vexilar T-POD SP100 is only 400 watts.

You can compare this fishfinder with other fishfinder models by viewing our table here.


– GPS capability.

– Highly reliable.

– Highly user friendly.


– User manual not detailed.

Our Verdict

The Lowrance Mark-4 Combo is a great little device with a price point to match. The features that are included with this fishfinder a second to none, and will suit any inexperienced and experienced anglers.

Normally we are not as emphatic with regards to recommendations however the Mark-4 Combo has certainly impressed us. The only criticism we have is with the manual and the lack of detail it provides. However in the scheme of things that is a very minor gripe.

Customers who have also purchased this particular model have raved on about it, and we would have to agree. We found no faults when testing it out on the water.

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