The Lowrance HDS 7 Fishfinder Review


 Lowrance HDS_7_Gen2

The Lowrance HDS 7 is a highly exceptional and suitable unit for serious anglers. The best and most advanced technology has been used to produce this particular model. The company behind the production of this model is Lowrance.

The capability of a fish-finder largely depends on its features. For this reason, it is necessary for you to carefully look through different models and compare in order to know its capability and suitability. The Lowrance HDS-7 Gen2 has highly advanced features with great viewing details.

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Features of the Lowrance HDS 7

1. Display.

– It has a sizable screen diagonally measuring 6.4 inches with a full color VGA display. It operates on a pixel resolution of 480 by 640.

– This feature enables you enjoy excellent and detailed viewing.

2. SolarMax.

– This is an exceptional display feature for a wide angle view and superior lighting.

– The view is also greatly enhanced with sharper image projection.

3. Keypad back-lighting.

– This feature allows you to fully adjust the necessary settings to zero-dim for better night viewing.

– This enables you to comfortably and effectively make use of your unit regardless of the time.

4. LED screen. Pure white.

– This type of screen has a high resolution capability. You will therefore be able to receive enhanced display clarity, sharp bottom images and cleaner pictures of all targets.

5. Insight mapping.

– This is an in-built feature that enables a user to come up with their own maps from data collected by making use of a chart-plotter. 

6. GPS

– It has an in-built GPS antenna which gives you precise information in regards to your positioning when out fishing.

– This internal receiver has up to 16 channels which make it possible for you to effectively lock your position in order to enable you maintain your current fishing spot.

– Due to the number of channels, this locking process takes place in a rather fast manner.

7. Pre-loaded cartography

– The available cartography is Insight USA and it gives clear mapping of the coastal and inland areas.This is inclusive of the great lakes with full details on the shore lines and contours.

– It also includes detailed information on various fishing hotspots.

– Contour shading is also included and provides striking life-like images of the topography and the bottom structure.

Apart from the above mentioned features, the following points are just as important since it will enable you to know the full capability of a unit.



This functions as the antenna to the sonar unit. It is responsible for converting electrical energy sent from the transmitter to a frequency sound in order to reveal the area beneath the water. One has to ensure that the transducer frequency matches that of the sonar unit. A suitable transducer must have the capability to take in high power transmitter impulses and change most of these into sound energy.

Display (Resolution and size)

Display is an important aspect of a fish-finder; hence the reason why Lowrance HDS-7 has a high resolution of 480 by 640 pixels, allowing a user see objects or fish located a distance away with a near life-like perspective. The size of the screen which measures 6.4 is large enough to enable you get a good view of the projected images without straining your eyes.


It has a power output of 250Watts and 30000Watts on peak to peak. With these power levels, the Lowrance HDS-7 functions with minimal noise production even when running at high speeds and has excellent depth capability and performance.

Portable or fixed?

A highly portable device is a plus for users. This is because the device can easily be moved from one place to another. Lowrance HDS-7 is highly portable making it a favorite among many anglers. When in use this device can also be fixed onto the hull for better performance and easily dismantled once the job is done.

Ease of use

The HDS-7 is a user friendly device which can be operated with ease regardless of the skill level of the angler. Some of its features which have largely contributed to this factor include the presence of a keypad back-lighting. This allows a user to adjust the light settings of the keypad thereby enabling you go on with your operations under non-existent or dim light conditions.

When Compared to other Fishfinders

When compared to a model such as the NorCross HawkEye F33P which has a more compact design and is small enough to fit on the palm of your hand, the Lowrance HDS-7 is much bigger in size but is obviously a lot more powerful.

Both of these models are on opposite sides of the spectrum. For example the HDS 7 h features a pre-loaded cartography whereas the NorCross Hawkeye doesn’t. There are a raft of other features that are included in the Lowrance model, that many other lighter models don’t have.

Final Verdict

The customer testimonials for the 2nd Generation model have been very positive, and one would surely feel rather secure in knowing that they are purchasing a quality piece of fishing equipment. The HDS 7 isn’t cheap but is suitably priced at the mid range level.

With all the exceptional features that the Lowrance HDS 7 has, it’s hard not be at least slightly impressed. A powerful fishfinder that will suit most amateur and serious anglers.

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