The Lowrance Elite-7X with Mount Transducer Fishfinder Review


Lowrance Elite-7x

Fishing enthusiasts are always looking for devices which will make it much easier for them to catch more fish. This has now been made possible through the availability of the Lowrance elite-7x with mount transducer. As the manufacturer of the mentioned fish finder model, Lowrance, they have incorporated technology and quality in its production process. This has made the Lowrance elite-7x a highly effective unit.

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The quality of a fish finder unit is mostly evident through its features. These greatly contribute to its overall performance capability and reliability. Seen below are some of the Lowrance elite-7x features.

Features of the Lowrance Elite-7x Fishfinder

1. Hybrid double imaging

– This feature combines DSI and broadband sounder to reveal high quality images of the area beneath your boat.

– By making use of the multiple present screens, you will be able to concurrently run the sonar images projected and allow for easy interpretation.

– The downScan provides an excellent view which reveals and clearly splits nearby structures from fish targets.

2. Display

– It has a sizable screen size measuring 7 inches.

– This will provide a user with a clear and easy view of any information projected onto the screen.

– It features a resolution pixel of 800 by 480. With this resolution power, you will be able to zoom into your targeted areas for a clear view of the structures as well as fish.

3. Backlight

– The unit features a led backlight which makes it possible for the user to effectively work in dim lighted areas or at night.

4. Trackback

– This enables you check on the sonar history thereby enabling you look through previously covered areas and targeted spots.

– This feature will save you a lot of fuel and time which you would have otherwise used to retrace your track or path.

– You can simply use a chart-plotter model to spot within your cursor location by simply pressing a button.

5. Signal processing

– Minimizes manual modifications and allows you to automatically locate fish and bottom structures with more detail and clarity.

As you get to look through all the different features of a specific unit, you will be able to make an informed decision in regards to your most preferred fish finder. Your selection process will also be made much easier and with less regrets after purchasing since you will have a good idea of the performance capability of any unit before hand.

Some other important aspects to look into include:


The Lowrance elite-7x has a transom mount transducer. This is usually fixed onto the transom of a boat and submerged into the water for optimum performance. Transom mounts are made out of plastic and are less costly when compared to other types of transducers. The transducer focuses on any area of interest underneath the water then projects all the images within the specified sections back to the screen.

Display (Resolution and Size)

This is an important aspect when selecting a good fish finder. The screen size should be large enough in order to enable you see all the projected images in a clear manner without having to strain your eyes.

When dealing with resolution, the area of interest will be magnified accordingly thereby enable you get a clear view of structures and fish located some distance away. The Lowrance elite-7x has a 7 inch screen with a resolution of 800 by 480 pixels. This makes it a highly suitable device.


The higher the power output of a fish finder the more powerful the unit will be. With a peak to peak output of 30000W, the Lowrance elite-7x can be considered as being powerful and highly reliable.

Is it Portable or Fixed?

The Lowrance elite-7x is a portable unit. Certainly an advantage.

Ease of use of the Elite-7x

A simple and easy to operate device such as the Elite-7x is suitable for both skilled and amateur anglers. One feature which clearly shows this is the trackback as it will help ease the entire process.

How does the Lowrance Elite-7x compare:

You can compare this model with the Garmin Echo 550c as they are both considered to be fairly similar with regards to the features present as well as pricing. The Elite-7x has a slightly bigger screen to the Echo 550c however overall both have been highly rated by customers that have purchased either model.

You can compare this model with other fishfinders by using our comparison table on our homepage.


– Fairly priced for its quality.

– User friendly.

– Exceptional features.


– Despite the vast number of features, it does lack algorithmic programming.

– The mount transducer is made out of plastic which could potentially break.


Our Verdict

The Lowrance Elite-7x is a reliable and powerful fishfinder. The vast number of features that are included makes this a great choice for most experienced and inexperienced anglers.

The customer feedback that we have received has been extremely positive, and this is telling considering some of the other Lowrance models have not received such favorable ratings.

The Elite-7x could be considered a medium to premium model fishfinder with a price tag to suit. However we do think that it’s good value, and if you’re leaning on the fence on this, we recommend  you take the plunge. You shouldn’t regret it.

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