Lowrance Elite 5×5 Inch Waterproof Fishfinder Review


Lowrance Elite 5x5 Inch Waterproof FishfinderThe Lowrance elite 5×5 inch waterproof fishfinder is without doubt one of the best and most effective fishfinders currently on the market. The fishfinder features a large 5×5 inch screen, a new menu structure which makes operation very easy and an advanced user mode that allows

the user to manually fine tune the device’s settings. The device is approved for both fresh and salty waters and is ideal for both small and large boats.

In this Lowrance 5×5 inch waterproof review, we shall take a look at the product features, the pros and cons and some testimonials from some customers who have used the fishfinder before.

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Product features

  • Track back features for multi page scroll back review of fishfinder historyLowrance Logo
  • Both depth and shallow alarms
  • A 5×5 inch 480×480 pixel solar MAX TFT display
  • Temperature display
  • Sealed and Waterproof
  • Salt water approved
  • Optimized automatic mode
  • 300W RMS and 2,400W peak to peak
  • Depth of up to 1000 feet
  • Tilt and swivel quick release bracket
  • Dual frequency 83/ 200KHz Skimmer transom mount transducer.

Transducer properties

The fishfinder has a dual frequency 83/200 KHz skimmer transom mount with internal temperature sensor and up to 120 degrees of wider sonar coverage. The transducer is a very effective tool for measuring the water temperature and depth and the manufacturer claims it is very accurate which has been confirmed by most of the users.

Display properties

The Lowrance 5×5 fishfinder features a large 5×5 inch display with a screen resolution of 480×480 pixels on solar max. The device also has an enhanced 256 color display. The fishfinder also features a bright white LED display. It also has a backlit keyboard. The screen also has un matched contrast and display properties that let you easily read the screen even under very bright sunshine.

Power options

The device operates on 300W RMS and 2400W from peak to peak. It also comes with a power cable. The device has a maximum sonar power output of 500W RMS and 4000W peak to peak. The device is one of the most powerful fishfinders. It uses power supply of between 10-17 volts.

Ease of use

The Lowrance 5×5 inch waterproof fishfinder is also very easy to use and install. It features a new menu structure that makes operation as easy as possible. The tilt and swivel quick release button also makes mounting of the fish finder very easy. The track back feature also makes scrolling very easy while the optimized automatic mode also eases the operation of the fish finder.


  1. Easy to operate. The fishfinder has been designed with several features like the new menu structure and track back features that make it so easy to operate. The manufacturer has always claimed that the device is very user friendly and judging by customer reviews, most have found it relatively easy to install and use.
  2. Works in both fresh and salty waters. The manufacturer claims that the device is salt water approved and works effectively in salty waters. People who have used the device in salty waters have testified that the device works perfectly.
  3. The fishfinder also has a built in back up memory.
  4. It has both shallow and depth alarms. According to the manufacturer, the alarms function without any glitches and customers who have used it before have attested to this.
  5. Features a smart new design which makes mounting easier.


  1. Some customers have complained of un reliable depth readings in salt water although only in a minor amount of cases.


Most customers who have used the fishfinder before have found it to be very effective. Here below are some testimonials from people who have used it before. Ben Seaman has described the fish finder as very easy to use and install and that it works perfectly according to the specifications. Another user Crash gives the device a 5 star rating and describes it as one of the best fishfinders.

Final Verdict

The Lowrance 5×5 waterproof fishfinder is one of the most powerful and effective mid price fishfinders currently on the market. The device works just as perfect as the manufacturer describes it and apart from some minor glitches, no major problems have been recorded.

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