Lowrance Elite 5x HDI Review


Lowrance elite 5x hdi

The Lowrance Elite 5X HDI is an all new fish finder that combines DownScan Imaging technology with Broadband sounder to form an exclusive hybrid dual imaging system (HDI).

Manufactured by Lowrance electronics, the Elite 5X HDI comes with several proven features that are found on the successful Elite 7X HDI, which means that you can access Hybrid Dual Imaging and other features at a friendlier price.

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Features of the Lowrance Elite 5x HDI Fishfinder

– Hybrid Dual Imaging (HDI) a new imaging technology that is a combination of Broadband Sounder and DownScan Imaging which are two award winning technologies. With HDI, the Elite 5x Fishfinder provides you with a crystal clear view underneath your boat.

– Trackback feature allows you to trace back your history, allowing you to pinpoint certain locations of interest with a waypoint. The trackback feature saves you time and fuel as it will not be necessary to trace back your path manually.

A DownScan overlay technology that allows DownScan Imaging to work hand in hand with Broadband Sounder technology.

Lowrance Elite 5X HDI has a selector menu all in one page and with access to all features allowing one thumb operation.

– Multi Window display is also featured and it allows you to choose from pre-set page layouts while still viewing the sonar.


Other important SPECS

The Elite 5X HDI weighs 3.5 pounds and measures 10 x 8 x 8 inches. It has a warranty period that lasts one year from the date of purchase.


Lowrance Elite 5X HDI comes with a transom mount transducer which operates at 83/200 455/800 KHz. The transducer is of low profile and has an in-built temperature sensor.


A 480 x 480 pixel resolution SolarMax 256 color screen is featured. The screen provides unparalleled brightness, contrast, resolution, wide viewing angle making it highly visual.


The combination of broadband sounder and DownScan imaging provides a lot of power which makes it possible to take clear and detailed pictures of every image below the water even when the boat is at high speed.


Lowrance 5X HDI has a new mounting design that makes it plausibly simple to tilt, adjust, remove or reinstall the item. This means that you will not face challenges in case you need to move it from one boat to the other.

Ease of Usage

The Lowrance Elite 5X HDI could not be any easier to use, the product is completely easy to use and if you face any challenges just call customer service at Lowrance. You will receive excellent support and you will be directed around any hitches you may be having.

Comparison With the Lowrance Elite 5 DSI Fishfinder

The primary difference between these two fishfinders is that the Elite 5x HDI lacks a chartplotter whereas the Lowrance Elite 5 DSI has one.

The other comparison that can be made is that the Elite 5 DSI uses exclusive DownScan imaging while the Elite 5x HDI uses Hybrid Dual Imaging which is a combination of Broadband Sounder and DownScan Imaging.

As for the price, the Elite 5x HDI costs around half the price of the DSI model.Some may say that it’s a high margin of difference considering the similarities in most other areas.


Crystal Clear Display: With the Elite 5x HDI, you will enjoy crystal clear images of all the structures, fish and structures as well as wrecks beneath your boat. The screen is adjustable and has a keypad back light that enhances visibility during the night or dull days.

Enjoy Detailed Images: Hybrid Dual Imaging combines the conventional power of broadband sounder and DownScan imaging that results to easy to understand pictures, detailed pictures of bait fish as well as predator fish and all bottom structures. Additionally, the pictures can be viewed side by side to show full details.

Easy To Install, Easy To Use: The Elite 5x HDI is easy to install, remove and/or re-install. It has a detailed, easy to use menu that fully expands on key feature selections.

Fully Packaged: Once you buy the product, it will be shipped to you as a full package of everything you require to get started. In the package box, you will find Elite 5x fishfinder, a transom mount transducer, a mounting bracket, owner’s manual and installation hardware.

Featured In Lowrance Advantage Program: Elite 5x HDI is featured in the Advantage program which includes support program, global service networks, local customer care and easily accessible email support online. The program is one of the most comprehensive customer services available in the industry.


Lack of temperature sensor: Unlike several other fishfinders that come with a speed wheel and temperature sensor, this one does not; therefore you will have to buy them aside. Most buyers might expect them to be in the package, but unfortunately that is not the case.


Final Verdict

Based on its features and pricing, it really does provide value for money. The customer feedback has also been exceptional and is rated almost on par to the Elite 5 HDI Gold, except a little less expensive.

This is a solid Fishfinder, and one you should strongly consider if you are in the market for buying or upgrading from a previous model. The price is certainly the main advantage of the Lowrance Elite 5x hdi, allowing it to measure up with the big boys in its field.

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