Lowrance Elite 5 hdi Gold Combo Review


Lowrance Elite-5 HDI Combo Gold with Transducer

With additional equipment such as a Fish Finder, fishing has become easier for both professionals and amateurs to increase the catch. There are numerous fish finder models available in the market with one such example being the Lowrance Elite-5 hdi Gold. It is quite popular among anglers due to its quality and unique features.

The company behind the production of the mentioned fish finder model is Lowrance. It is considered as a pioneer in this field and continues to maintain its purpose which has always been to come up with new innovative ideas in order to assist anglers in finding and catching more fish.

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Features of the Lowrance Elite 5 hdi Gold

1. Display

– Features a sizeable 5-inch colored display screen.

– It helps to provide the user with a better and clear view of all the images projected.

– It also offers a much brighter display for maximum visibility with excellent viewing detail in varying conditions.

2. Broadband sounder.

This technology has come in quite handy and is mainly used to mark or define fish arches as well as tracing lure action.

– The proportion of the projected fish arch is usually determined by the unit’s sensitivity settings, speed of the boat, positioning of the fish in the sonar beam and how deep the water is.

3. Down Scan imaging.

– This feature deals with high frequency imaging.

– The images projected of the water column, any structures present as well as bottom are almost life like.

– It makes it easier for you to see fish amongst the rocks, weeds and wrecks.

– The projected images are also quite easy to read and interpret.

4. Down scan overlay.

– Combines imaging views and sonar to offer you a full screen projection.

– It makes it easier for a user to identify various fish targets.

5. Trackback.

– Enables you to scroll back through the available sonar history for an exhaustive view and get a closer look at the captured bottom structure by zooming.

– In conjunction with a chart plotter, it enables you save way points which assist you in getting back to that same location.

-This removes the need of you having to turn back for purposes of retracing your path.

Other than the mentioned features, the Lowrance elite 5 gold has other important aspects that largely contribute to its overall performance capability. This includes:


It is responsible for moving the electrical signal via the transmitter, converting it into sonar before sending it out. For best results, transmitters should be mounted inside the water. The Lowrance elite-5 hdi has an operating frequency of 50 by 200 kHz.

Display(Resolution and Size)

It is one of the most important features of a fish finder. The larger the screen size the better as it helps to give a better view of the images projected. This is true for the Lowrance elite-5 since it has a screen size measuring 5- inches with a bright display.


Units with higher power outputs, perform much better since units with low output usually under perform through slow readings. The latter is not suitable for fishing in deep waters. The Lowrance elite-5 hdi has a PTP of 30000W with an RMS of 250W.

Portable or fixed

Fish finder units are either fixed or portable. The latter is true for the Lowrance elite-5 hdi gold as it can easily be mounted and dismounted from one boat to another. Fixed units are permanently fixed onto a boat and cannot be removed at will.

Ease of use.

Unit such as Lowrance elite-5 hdi gold are highly user friendly and can therefore be used by expert and amateur anglers. This helps to make the entire fishing experience quite manageable.

Comparison with Other Model Fishfinders

As you look through the different fish finder models available in the market, you will realize that they all differ in one way or the other. A good example can be seen between the Lowrance elite 5 combo and the Humminbird 140c. The latter features SideFinding which allows you point the beams in any direction for purposes of locating more fish. This is not present in the Lowrance elite-5 gold.
The Elite-5 hdi combo has a powerful peak to peak output of 30000W while that of the Humminbird 140c is 1000 on PTP.

You can find comparisons with other fish finder models by visiting the Fishfinder Reviews Homepage or by using our interactive comparison chart at this page.

Like most other products available in the market, the Lowrance elite-5 hdi combo has it strength and weaknesses. Seen below are examples of such:


– Highly reliable.

– Has a compact design making it highly portable.

– Excellent battery life.

– Consists of a highly accurate GPS.


– Connecting plugs for the power and transducer are too large.

– Rather difficult to wire when being installed onto a kayak.

Our Verdict

With the right fishing equipment you will go a long way at increasing the amount of fish you can catch. The Lowrance Elite 5 hdi gold is a model we highly recommend. It is to be considered a premium model, and although it has the bells and whistles of a top end fish finder, the price of this model makes this an extremely attractive offer.

You are sure to get value for money with the Elite 5 hdi gold which includes features such as; trackback, down scan overlay and imaging as well as broadband sounder. It is also very user friendly and can therefore be used by any angler regardless of their skill level.

When compared to other very similar models, this one has received exceptionally high customer ratings, so although we can’t recommend it more highly, we do believe we have a real winner, as our experience testing it seems to be in line with many other people that have previously purchased it.

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