Lowrance Elite 5 Gold Fishfinder Review


lowrance Elite 5 Gold fishfinder

When out in the water, fishing has always provided most anglers with fun filled and adventurous moments throughout their leisure time. By using any of the available fish finders such as the Lowrance Elite 5 gold, you will be able to enjoy a bountiful catch.

The above mentioned fish finder model is a product manufactured by Lowrance. As a company, Lowrance has managed to improve on its quality by incorporating innovative ideas in their various fish finder models. A good example can be seen in the features present in the Lowrance elite 5 GPS chartplotter.

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Features of the Lowrance Elite 5 Gold Fishfinder

1. Display

– Features a colored screen measuring 5 inches.

– It has a colored TFT of 256, thereby providing a viewer with an excellent display through incomparable screen brightness, resolution and contrast.

– The keypad backlighting has made it possible for a user to work at different times of the day or night while the flexible screen has greatly improved on usability.

2. GPS.

– It features a 16-channel internal GPS.

– It enables a user receive the necessary signals in an excellent manner for accurate navigation.

– It also features an external antenna which enables a user come up with customized applications.

3. Micro-SD card.

– It is waterproof and therefore quite flexible in its use.

– This unit comes pre-loaded with Gold Navionics chart-cards which are fully compatible with the SD card.

– U.S anglers also get to benefit from pre-loaded Lake Map cards plus the numerous hotspots for fishing.

– It has dual SD card slots.

4. In-built memory.

– Is capable of storing up to 3000 waypoints, up to 100 waypoints in a single route.

– This comes with advanced yet user friendly menus which help in expanding feature selection.

5. Newly improved mounting design.

– It provides a user with a single handed tilt view adjustment. This is applicable in removal and re-installation.


Other than the features, it is also important to know more about various other aspects of this unit. Some of which include;


It is here that the electrical signals are passed through the transmitter, before it is converted to sonar then sent out. For optimum performance, it is best to have the transmitters mounted within the water. The Lowrance Elite 5 Gold operates on a dual frequency of 83 by 200 kHz.

Display(Resolution and Size)

The larger the screen size of a fish finder, the better it is. This helps provide a user with an easy view since the projected images are clear and visible. This can be said for the Lowrance Elite 5 with a screen measuring 5-inches.


High powered units have an excellent performance capability while the opposite can be said for low powered units. The reduced performance capability of low powered units is evident through slow readings. Low powered units are not suitable for deep water fishing. The Lowrance elite has a peak to peak power output of 30000 watts and RMS of 250W.

Portable or fixed

Fish finders can either be classified as fixed or portable. The Elite 5 is said to be portable as it can easily be mounted onto a boat and removed when you are done with fishing. It is therefore suitable for anglers who have to hire boats each time they go out fishing. On the other hand, fixed units are permanently mounted onto a single boat.

Ease of use

User friendly units such as the Elite 5 Gold, are quite easy to operate thereby giving users a pleasant and manageable experience. It can therefore be used by different anglers from the highly skilled to the beginners.

Comparison With Other Fishfinder Models

By comparing different fish finder models, you will be in a better position to know the performance capability of different models and their suitability depending on your needs and expectations. As you compare the Lowrance elite 5 to the NorCross HawkEye F33P, you will realize that the latter features algorithmic programming which help prevent improper depth readings. The mentioned feature is not present in the Lowrance elite 5.

Another difference between these two models includes the fact that the Lowrance elite gold features a 16-channel internal GPS which helps to enhance navigation as it helps to relay the required signals. This is not present in the NorCross HawkEye F33P.
Before selecting a specific fish finder unit such as the Lowrance elite Gold, it is important to know more about its Pros and Cons. With this information, you will be able to gauge the effectiveness of any unit.

You can find comparisons with other fish finder models by visiting the Fish Finder Reviews homepage or by visiting this page here.


– Suitable screen size with clear projected images of the bottom.

– In-built GPS used to mark different locations.

– Exceptional performance and quite reliable.



– Does not include a full color selection instead only has a dual color selection.

– The manual included is not detailed.

Our Verdict

There are various fish finder models available that anglers can choose from. One such example is the Lowrance elite 5 Gold. Some of its features include; GPS, in-built memory and micro SD card to mention just but a few.

This is a relatively solid fishfinder, however in comparison to other similar models such as the Lowrance Elite 5x hdi, it is more expensive and really doesn’t add that much more value. Well that’s how we see it anyway.

Don’t get us wrong, we had no problems testing this model, but we would be lying if we didn’t at least recognise that it’s leaning towards the more expensive side of things. The customer feedback has also been luke warm, with some reaching a similar conclusion to ours. A solid fishfinder, but for the money you are probably better off investing in a Humminbird 596c hd di or one of these.

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