Lowrance Elite 5 DSI Review


Lowrance Elite-5 DSI DownScan Imaging Chartplotter Fishfinder

The Lowrance Elite 5 dsi is a precise imaging fish finder that has a chart plotter. It is a complete technological way of finding fish in a clear and precise manner. This fishfinder is manufactured by Lowrance Electronics who are specialists in manufacturing GPS receivers, consumer sonars and digital mapping systems.

The Lowrance Elite 5 provides crystal clear images of the views below the water surface by use of DownScan Imaging. The displayed photos show every detail in the waters below. It shows the thermoclines that separate cool and warm waters, all types of fish, wrecks and the structures below, leaving nothing to the imagination.

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Key Features of Lowrance Elite 5 dsi

– It has a chartplotter with unique DownScan imaging and pencil point precise GPS navigation that leads you exactly to where the fish are located.

– It has a unique and colorful 5-inch color display where the images are displayed. The screen size is sufficiently big enough to suit all your fishing needs.

– Also featured is an in built precision GPS antenna which is very accurate. It also has a detailed base map of 3000 lakes and coastal waters in the United Stated.

– An exclusive sonar imaging system which enables the Elite 5 dsi to take clear images is also featured. The dual imaging system takes clear images of up-to 200 ft. below the water surface.

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Other Important Specs

The item operates at 10-17 direct current voltage, weighs 3.5 pounds and measures 8 by 10 by 7 inches, the measurements are in the order of length width and height respectively. It has a warranty period of one year from the date of purchase.


The Lowrance Elite 5 dsi has got an advanced transducer which is of high speed, low profile and 455-800 kHz skimmer imaging ability. The transducer has an inbuilt temperature sensor and has two mounting options; can be mounted on the transom or the trolling motor.


It has a brilliant 5 inch, 256 color display screen with 480 by 480 pixel resolution. This gives the fish finder an unparalleled viewing clarity and brightness. The screen display has an adjustable cathode backlight which is used for night and low light angling.


The incredible part of the Elite 5 dsi is its power; it can transmit 4,000W peak to peak/500RMS with depths of up-to 200 ft. With this vast amount of power, it has the ability to take impressive bottom readings at boat speeds of up-to 40mph.


The Elite 5 dsi is not easily portable; however you can remove it from one boat and install it in another boat. Additionally, it has a mounting system which allows adjusting of viewing angles. You should probably look here if you are after a portable fishfinder.

Ease of Use

The item has a unique keypad and a quick release bracket which makes it easy to install. Once installed, it is very simple to use it since the buttons are well displayed with no interpretation needed.


Pen-point Fishfinding:  The Lowrance Elite imaging innovation provides you with the highest clarity of images below the water surface. The dual sonar imaging coverage and GPS enable you to recognize each and every structure, fish or wrecks at their exact location. Enjoy superbly clear views on your screen.

Several Map Options: A waterproof micro SD media card slot which is compatible with most map card options worldwide. With such options, you can load various maps that will assist you with fish finding.

Automatic or Manual Option: The Lowrance Elite 5 has an automatic fine tuning system that allows display of the best sonar images after power up. You have the power of choice to use the advanced user mode, which allows manual control.

Several Languages: You do not have to worry about your language while using this product. This is because it uses 23 most used languages worldwide and you will absolutely find one which you can use.

Easy Trackback of Locations: With just a click of a button, the Elite 5 dsi will scroll back to your imaging history to enable review of covered spots and pinpoint various spots. This saves you time as well as fuel as you will not have to re-trace your path manually, as you already have a history.

Easy to Install, Easy to Use: The product comes as a full package containing the fish finder, mounting bracket, DSI transducer and a user’s manual. The installation process is very simple; while using it is even much easier.


Challenging Manual: Although most of the settings are automatic, navigating through the manual can be quite confusing or irritating for that matter. Therefore, you may need a person who is familiar with the item to avoid installation hiccups.

Our Verdict

With the various features and the superb performance, the Lowrance Elite 5 dsi outranks most of the fish finders on the market. You will also enjoy value for money with this fishfinder as its price is relatively attractive compared to other top end fishfinder models.

The feedback that we have received from previous customers that have purchased this particular model has been mostly favourable. So if you are in the market of buying a top quality fish finder, we strongly recommend the Lowrance Elite 5 dsi as a top quality option.

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