The Lowrance elite-4x DSI Review


Lowrance Elite 4x dsi

The Lowrance elite-4x DSI is regarded as a high quality fish finder model suitable for anglers looking for high performance capability. As a leader in marine electronics, Lowrance is a company known to have produced the first consumer based sonar equipment. Since then it has never moved away from its goal which has been to assist anglers locate and catch a great amount of fish.

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The Lowrance elite-4x DSI is a fish finder capable of providing fishermen with the kind of service and performance needed to make fishing more interesting and productive. It is capable of tracking and locating fish in open waters or in their hiding places. This has been made possible through the numerous unique features present in this particular model. Seen below are some of its features.

Features of the Lowrance elite-4x DSI

1. DSI transducer

– This is a sonar transducer which functions by projecting clear, accurate and sharp images of the location of a fish.

– This is done after receiving the information of their targeted position through echo.

-It features a dual frequency of 83 by 200 which enables the transducer to display both high and low separate frequency pulses.

– The level of frequency makes it suitable for use in both deep and shallow waters and remains reliable under high speeds.

2. Screen

– It features a screen measuring 3.5 inches with an excellent resolution of 320 by 240.

– This resolution enables you view the projected images in detail.

– Features a LED screen which exhibit lively colors with multiple background color structures you can select from.

– This feature comes in quite handy as it enables you to read and view significant data present on your device regardless of what time of day it is.

3. Split screen viewing.

– This provides the user with dual viewing options which include side or full screen mode.

4. Down scanning imaging.

– Projects easy to interpret high quality details under water photos.

5. Track back

– This feature enables a user to easily review all the sonar history for a more thorough reading.

– It also gives you the opportunity to look through previous images just in case you may have skipped some important facts.

6. SD card-slot

– This consists of a card slot whose main function is to load Navionics charts which help to disclose a map of the surrounding area in your current position.

– These charts also consist of your boat’s trail, tracks and saved way-points. Way-points are best defined as recorded positions which allow you to pin-point different targeted areas or routing points.

7. Internal GPS.

– This feature comes in quite handy as it enables a user enjoy various options for accurately calculating the positioning and distance of pin-pointed areas.


In order to better understand the effectiveness of the Lowrance elite-4x DSI, there are a number of other important factors one needs to look through. These include;


With the transducer being DSI sonar with dual frequency, this feature enable the device to project clear, sharp and accurate images and locations of the fishes and the underwater structure through an echo.

Display (Resolution and size)

Lowrance elite-4x has a high resolution of 320 by 240. This helps to project crisp and clear images. The size of the screen being 3.5 inches has also largely contributed to excellent image projection and viewing of this device.


The Lowrance elite-4x has a power output of 2800Watts on peak to peak while on RMS it has an output of 350W. This is a high power output and will therefore enable you operate your device with minimal noise production and get optimum performance even at high speeds.

Portable or fixed

A good fish finder is one which is portable but can also be fixed when the need arises. The Lowrance elite-4x DSI comes with a quick release mounting bracket which can be used to fix the device on to a boat when required. This can also be dismantled quite easily and the device carried from one place to another.

Ease of use

This is highly user friendly and can clearly be seen in the fact that you have the option of choosing your most preferred color palette for the display or simply change it to match with the present water and weather conditions.
The pros and cons of the Lowrance ellite-4x:


– Highly user friendly.

– Fairly priced for its quality standard.


– The transducer has to be submerged in water and can be a bit tricky depending on a kayak.

– It does not have any fish alarm or id which normally comes in quite handy.


How does the Lowarnce Elite 4x DSI compare?

Making comparisons with other models can be found using our interactive comparison table at our homepage. This might be useful before making a decision as to whether or not you should purchase this fishfinder.

Our Verdict

With a fish finder such as the Lowrance elite-4x DSI, you will be able to better understand structure locations and depth contours. This will help you catch fish quite easily while enjoying your time in the water.

The pricing of this particular model is quite affordable too which no doubt will have many potential customers smiling. Prior customer feedback has also been relatively positive.

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