The Humminbird Piranhamax 153 Review



As you go out fishing, it is important to make use of the right kind of devices such as a fish finder. A good example is the Humminbird Piranhamax 153. This is a product from Humminbird, a company known for producing quality products.

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The Humminbird Piranhamax 153 is a suitable device for all fishing enthusiasts. This is mainly due to its numerous features.

Features of the Piranhamax 153

1. Display

– It has a screen measuring 4 inches. This is a good size and a user will be able to get a good view of all the details displayed.

– It has a grayscale level of 4. This is used to portray sonar signal strength.

– It features a resolution pixel of 160 by 128. This is quite significant as it helps to ensure that the images projected are of the best quality regardless of how far they are positioned.

2. Power

– The more power output a device has the more powerful and effective it is. The Humminbird piranhamax 153 has an RMS power output of 100watts and a peak to peak of 800watts.

– In order to get the best service when fishing in deep waters, it is recommended to select a fish finder with a high power output.

3. Dual beam

– It has a depth range of 600 feet.

– This makes it a suitable device for deep water fishing.

– Your depth should be similar to the range settings. If this is not the case, then the bottom area will not be seen on the display.

4. Temperature

– Water temperature is important when it comes to fishing. More fish are found on warmer waters.

– The temperature gauge will enable you locate the most suitable range for different types of fish.

5. Backlight

– Keypad is fitted with a backlight which comes in quite handy especially when fishing during the night.

– It also makes working in light conditions possible.

6. Fish identification

– Enables you get the best fish which is represented as a fish icon. This happens only when specific requirements are observed.

– Depending on how strong the sonar is, this feature can also enable you know the size of the fish.

7. Depth alarms

– This is an important feature as it notifies the user whenever the depth is less than or equal to the settings.

– In case your depth is more than what is included in the settings, you will not be able to see the bottom from your display.
Seen below are various other aspects of the Humminbird piranhamax 153.


This fishfinder has a dual beam are capable of covering a wide area in the water. It functions as a result of the sound beams transmitted from this section of the unit.

The beam originating from underneath the boat becomes wider as the water gets deeper. Therefore care must be taken when maneuvering in deep waters since sensitivity diminishes.

Display (Resolution and size)

The size of a screen is very important as it allows the user to enjoy a much larger viewing surface. This means that all the information presented on the screen will be quite easy to recognize. The quality of larger screens is usually enhanced. This is applicable to this model since it has a 4 inch screen.


Measures in Watts, power output is quite important. The Piranhamax 153 operates in on a peak to peak power of 800watts and RMS of 100watts. Peak to peak describes a transmitters total power output. More power output means better performance and efficiency.

Portable or fixed

Portable and fixed fish finders usually operate in a similar manner with the only difference being the latter is immobile. Portable devices like the Humminbird Piranhamax come in quite handy since they can easily be removed after use and even used in a different vessel. It is also suitable for anglers who hire vessels.

Ease of use

This is a highly important aspect since any user, despite their skill level gets to easily operate the fish finder for optimal results. The piranhamax 153 has a simple interface making it highly user friendly.

Comparing the Piranhamax 153 with other Fishfinders

By comparing two different fish finder models, you get to know the performance level and suitability of different models. This will allow you make the most suitable choice depending on your needs and specifications. As you compare the piranhamax 153 with other fish finders such as the Lowrance HDS-7 you will realize that the latter has a much larger 6.4 inch full color screen measuring 4 inches.

Another difference between these two is, the Piranhamax has a grayscale screen while the Lowrance HD-7 has an LCD screen with the ability to project sharper images. The latter also features insight mapping which is not present in Humminbird piranhamax 153.

However the Lowarnace HD-7 is more than 13 times the price, and thus is at the very top end of the market. Perhaps this is not a very fair comparison.

For a more appropriate comparison with other similar models, check out our interactive table on our homepage.


– Can be set up quite easily.

– Its features allow for excellent delivery.

– Incredible price.


– Does not include certain features such as chartplotting and GPS.

– Comes with a plastic mounting bracket which can break quite easily.

Our Verdict

The Piranhamax 153 is a fish finder used by both professional and amateur anglers. This is mainly due to its ease of use and superior features.

For value for money, the Humminbird Piranhamax 153 is in a league of its own. Sure it doesn’t have a flashy colored LCD screen, but for the price you pay it is a top notch fish finder that packs a killer punch when it comes to its features. Certainly a fishfinder to consider for any amateur angler. However even experts will agree that it certainly has the capability to compete with a more expensive model, just without all the frills.

The feedback that we have received from customers has also been extremely positive.

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