The Humminbird 998c SI Fishfinder Review


Humminbird 998c SI Fishfinder

The Humminbird 998c SI is one of the more advanced fish finders on the market today, greatly due to its extremely unique features. It is also user friendly and can therefore be used by professionals and amateurs. The manufacturer Humminbird has managed to make use of the latest technology in order to ensure that it is a force to be reckoned with.

As the name suggests, the main function of the 998c SI fish finder is to assist anglers in locating the most suitable fishing sites. It is highly functional since it is not only for chart plotting and tracking but also includes GPS speeds, depth, temperature as well as down and side sonar imaging.

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  • Diagonal screen measuring up to 8 inches with brilliant color for good display.
  • It has been fitted with an 83/200KHZ double beam sonar with a capability of transmitting up to 1000 watts.
  • Down and side imaging sonar of 455KHZ. This helps in creating images of large sea floor sections.
  • GPS map plotting that comes with an external antenna with highly advanced capabilities when it comes to its fishing system.
  • It has been fitted with a contour XD map which covers a large portion of the U.S.A coastline as well as inland rivers and lakes. These charts allow you to see canals and coastal navigation lights.
  • It has an internal memory capable of covering up to 2750 waypoints, 45 courses, and 50 trails. Each trail has about 20000 points.
  • Some of its optional network units include exterior GPS antenna, cannon link used to control the downrigger, and weathersense barometer.
  • Unique sonar features that include echo enhancement, freeze frame, real time image update and sonar window, divided screen zoom.


Apart from its unique features as seen above, there are a number of other factors which have contributed to its popularity and they include:

1. Ease of use. The technology integrated by Humminbird has made it easy to operate. This is clear to see through its digital readouts, well sized digit view, fast disconnect mounting. It also comes with a Feet manual for the owner. This is one of the reasons why it has become quite popular among anglers across the world.

2. Display (Resolution and size): Excellent color with a wide 8 inch screen of about 480V by 800H makes it possible for the user to get a clear view through the large images with an efficient display. Due to its split screen zoom capabilities, one is able to get a clear picture of any object or area of the sea floor.

Due to the large screen size and 800V by 400V pixel resolution, the images projected will be crystal clear making it easy for you to see even under the bright light of the sun. This will enable you gather accurate information depending on your area of interest.

3. Power: The 998c SI fish finder is quite powerful. This is evident due to the fact that it comes fitted with a double beam fish finder with a power output of up to 1000 watts.

4. Portable or fixed: Due to its size, it is highly portable and can easily be attached on to the dash with the help of a mounting system. This securely holds it into place and protects it from falling into the water.

5. Transducer: This is another feature since it helps to produce down and side imaging as well as sonar functions. This helps in the projection of clear images.

Like most other products, the Humminbird 998c si has its pros and cons as seen below.


  • It is quite easy to install.
  •  The navigation screen is quite simple making it user friendly.
  • This unit has a double SD card slot that allows you to store video recordings of various images and pictures for future reference.
  • Regular software updates for improved functionality.



  • The LCD screen can easily get smudged and become dirty as you move your fingers across its surface. This problem can easily be corrected by using a screen protector.
  • The price of this particular model is on the sharp side, and may be considered too expensive for the casual fisherman.


Final Verdict

The Humminbird 998ci SI fish finder has been made using the latest technology. It has numerous features that make it highly unique, effective and user friendly. It is no wonder it has become quite popular all over the world.

However the price of this particular model certainly isn’t cheap and possibly not suited for the casual fishing enthusiast. If however you take your fishing rather seriously and are looking at investing in a truly advanced fishing product, then you should most certainly consider the Humminbird 998ci SI.

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