The Humminbird 898c Review



With the presence of various fish finder devices such as the Humminbird 898c, anglers can now enjoy a bountiful catch with minimal effort. The mentioned device is a product of Marine Electronics Group of Johnson Outdoors.

The 898c has features that most fishermen look for but also a raft of other options that make this particular model a fishfinder to be reckoned with. Not a necessity for just the casual fisherman, but certainly one for who takes their fishing seriously. A premium model.

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The quality and features of the fish finder you select will make a big difference when it comes to the overall performance capability of a unit. It is therefore necessary to take your time and look through different fish finder models before making your final selection. Seen below are some of the features of the 898c.

Features of the Humminbird 898c

1. Microprocessor

– It is newly improved and works much faster for better and refreshed times.


2. Display

– It features a 7 inch spacious LCD colored screen.

– The size of this screen makes it easy for a user to view projected information with ease.


3. Side imaging

– Has the capability of not only capturing the area beneath the water surface but also covers up to a width of 240 to the right and left areas of the boat.


4. Down imaging

– Helps to develop snapshots which enable you observe the structure from the sides even though you are positioned on top if it.

– This feature also has a narrow mode option which fully analyses the returns for purposes of confirming the position of the echoes and that the structures projected are not from the sides.


5. Switchfire

– This is an important feature which consists of sonar modes that allow you to control and regulate your viewing on the screen according to your fishing conditions.

– It has two options to select from and this is either clear or max mode.

– Max mode shows everything in detail which can be difficult for amateurs to interpret while clear mode only highlights structure and fish which is suitable for users.


6. GPS, Memory, Mapping

– It has a double SD card input point which helps to increase unit memory. This gives you the chance to save your favorite fish finder screen shots which you can later share with your loved ones.

– It has an external GPS with 50 channels which enable you to lock on to your position to ensure that you do not move away from your fishing spot.

– When it comes to mapping, this unit is Navionics and LakeMaster compatible thereby giving you a good vision of your location on the water.


Apart from the above mentioned features, the Humminbird 898c also includes other aspects as seen below.


This is an important component of a fish finder and acts as a receiver and sender. For best results it is usually submerged in water. It usually sends a signal which reflects off objects then reverts it back to the transducer which then sends it to a processor. The latter interprets the information which is then displayed on the screen.


Display (Resolution and size)

It has a 7 inch diagonally measured screen which helps to provide a good view to the user. This model has a resolution of 480 by 800 pixels. This will help to zoom into targets located much further away.



This model has a power output of 8,000 Watts and is peak-to-peak. This method measures the highest power output points. There are various benefits associated with increased power output and they include improved depth capability, noise reduction with improved performance even at high speed.


Portable or fixed?

The transducer can securely be held and fixed on to a mount and can also be dissembled easily when one needs to move it to a different location. This makes it highly portable.


Ease of use

This device is not only easy to set up but also quite easy to use. The features present together with the user friendly interface make it suitable for amateur anglers.



The number of fish finder models available is numerous and they differ in one way or another. A good example can be seen when comparing Humminbird 898c to the Garmin echo 550c. The latter has a screen size measuring 5 inches while the 898c has a much bigger screen measuring 7 inches.

When the power output of these two models are compared, you will realize that the Humminbird 898c has an output of 8000Watts which is point-to-point while Garmin echo 550c has an output of 550Watts. By noting these differences, you will be able to make a more informed decision when it comes to purchasing.


As seen below, the Humminbird 898c has its Pros and Cons.


– Has numerous features making it highly functional.

– Provides a sharp view due to the 7 inch screen.



– Has a bit of a steep learning curve.


Our Verdict

The Humminbird 898c fish finder which features down and side imaging, switchfire and GPS, memory and mapping, is a suitable device for anglers with different skill levels. Its performance level is very sound and it has received a number of great reviews by past customers. If you don’t mind spending a little extra, it is most certainly worth it.

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