The Humminbird 788ci Review


Humminbird 408130-1 788ci HD DI Combo

Anglers all across the world look for different models of fish finders capable of offering them the end results they wish to achieve. A good example of such a model is the Humminbird 788ci. Being a product of Marine Electronics Group of Johnson Outdoors, this company has managed to come up with the high quality and reliable Humminbird brand.

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Features of the Humminbird 788ci

The reliability and performance level of this particular model is largely a result of numerous features. Below are some of the most common features of the Humminbird 788ci.

1. Resolution

– This is the total number of pixels present on a display model. It features a high resolution pixel of 640 by 640.

– Fish Finders with high pixel levels are able to capture small objects located a good distance away.

– It has a 5 inch screen with TFT color display which helps to give the user a good view and project clear and sharp images.

2. Double beam plus

– It makes use of 200/83 KHz sonar system with a large coverage area.

– This feature has a zoomed in central beam focus with an additional beam which helps to expand your coverage area and bring it to par with your depth.

– The returns from double beam sonar can either be viewed separately, side by side or mixed together.

– This feature can be used in different conditions ranging from deep to shallow waters and in both salt and fresh water.

3. Depth capacity

– It has the capacity of going up to 1500 feet underneath the water.

– This gives you the opportunity to get an in-depth analysis of the area beneath the boat and increase your catch.

4. Internal GPS

– It comes with 50 GPS internal channels. This gives the user a wide variety of options when it comes to calculating the distance and location of targeted areas.

5. SD card

– It is fitted with a single card slot used to load in Novionics LakeMaster charts which reveal a map of the region surrounding your present position.

– The chart also included the trail of your boat, saved way-points as well as tracks. Way-points are recorded positions that enable you to pin point different areas of interest.


As you familiarize yourself with the different features of the Humminbird 788ci, there are various other aspects of this device which are just as important. These include;


For better results, the transducer has to be submerged to enable it to function as expected. In order to achieve the best end results, the transducer should maintain the same course.



The 5 inch screen allows the user to effortlessly view the projected images. The highly advanced TFT screen projects sharp and clear images which allow you to interpret the presented information with ease. The present light settings also enable the user to comfortably use their device at different times of the day without putting any strain on their eyes.



Has a power output of 500W. This has to do with the volume of energy produced by a sonar transmitter. The higher the output, the more benefits are realized by the user. Some examples of these include the ability of a device to detect targets positioned much further away. It also helps to get rid of noise,improve performance under high speeds and depth proficiency.


Portable or fixed

The Humminbird 788ci has a compact design making it portable. You also have the option to fix it onto a mount for a hands free operation.


Ease of use

Professional and amateurs alike will be able to enjoy their time on the water when using this device as it is quite easy to operate. This is evident through the user friendly interface. The projected sharp images from the TFT screen help to effectively interpret the data collected.


Comparison to other brands

Different fish finder brands vary in one way or the other. As you compare the 788ci to Lowrance Elite 4X Sonar, you will see the differences between these two models. To begin with the 788ci features a 5 inch screen for better viewing while the Elite -4X Sonar has a 3.5 inch screen. (The Lowrance Elite 5×5, written about here however does have a 5 inch screen)

Another difference between these fish finder models includes the fact that Elite-4X Sonar has a resolution capacity of 320 by 240 pixel while the Humminbird has a much higher resolution pixel of 640 by 640. Such comparisons help you decide the most suitable machine for you.


Pros and Cons

Like most other products, different models of Fish Finders have their Pros and Cons. The following are some of the Pros and Cons of Humminbird 788ci.


– Very durable .

– Quite easy to operate.

– Bright display which gives a clear view regardless of how bright the sun is.



– Rather costly.

– The TFT screen is known to consume more power.


Final Verdict

From the information presented, it is clear that the Humminbird 788ci is a good quality machine. The customer reviews of this particular model have also been relatively good, and the price of this fishfinder shouldn’t break the bank, especially when compared to other similar models.

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