The Humminbird 597ci HD DI Review


If you love the simple act of fishing as a form of relaxation, a hobby or even as a job, there will be a need for you to get the new Humminbird 408120-1 Fish Finder 597ci HD DI Combo  that will help you catch the fishes quite easily.

This fishfinder comes with a GPS that allows you know where the fishes are quite easily without much stress on your part and this is indeed a huge deviation from the traditional fishing hook and line.

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The following are some of the unique or special features of this fishfinder:

  • One of its unique features is the GPS receiver that eases the ability of you locating where the fishes are lurking irrespective of the kind of water that you are fishing in.
  • The screen shows you where the fishes are lurking and the beauty of this screen is the fact that it can be zoomed for a closer and better view.
  • Available as a feature of this fish finding kit is a map that shows you about 3,000 fishing lakes and rivers that are located within the coastline of the United States of America.
  • There is also the chart plotter that comes with a high resolution.
  • Another feature is the 4,000 watts power output dual beam sonar and the switch fire dual beam sonar which is 5 inches in size.
  • There are the buttons that makes the use of the kit easy.
  • The last but not the least of the features is the real time sonar that delivers to you the latest update of the place where you are fishing at a rate that is faster than you can ever imagine.

Transducer Properties

The precision rate of the transducer is about 20 degrees beam with a wider 60 degrees beam that allows you get the down image of the boat.


The issue of power can be seen from the feature of the 4,000 watts dual beam PTP power output that enables the kit and its GPS to last you for many hours while you are fishing.


The resolution of the chart plotter or the fish finder is high and the size is about 5 inches with a LED backlit color display.

Ease of use

the kit is very easy to use and this is as a result of the touch buttons that allows you to concentrate in catching the fishes while at the same time controlling the kit. The 5 inch display unit is also very easy to read and this also helps to boost the ease of making use of this kit.

Portable or fixed

This kit is portable and this is thanks to the GPS that has the ability to tilt and swivel which also makes it very easy to detach.


There are so many things that you will derive from making use of this kit and the following are some of such benefits:

  1. According to research, there is the ease with which you will be able to catch the fishes while fishing and this is all thanks to the GPS receiver.
  2. The company claims that the product is easy to make use of and as such a beginner will be able to make use of it to catch many fishes.
  3. It seems as though this product will make you a far better fisherman than you can ever think of becoming as it will always tell you the direction or the place where the fishes are lurking.
  4. The GPS can be detached hence making it very portable to carry around whenever you are going on a fishing expenditure.
  5. According to research, there is the benefit of being able to see the fishes that are lurking clearly even if the lake or the river where you are fishing is murky and this is as a result of the real time sonar.
  6. The company claims that the power of the GPS lasts for quite some time due to the 4,000 power output that is available in the dual beam sonar.


According to research, the only con of the product is wind. When it is windy at the place of fishing, the GPS does not work optimally and hence, the pictures will not be as clear as when it is not windy.


One of the customers testified to the fact that this fish finder has made him a better fisherman as he now catches more fishes than he previously did. The improvement on his fishing abilities is a result of the ability to see where the fishes are lurking with the kit.

Another customer testified to being able to see clearly with the transducer from the water that has a depth of about 135 inches. There was also the ability to be able to read the screen even when the weather was cloudy.

Final Verdict

There is a need to be sure of catching as many fishes as you can when you go fishing so that the time spent at the lake or the river will not be a waste of time and effort of course. As a result of this, the Humminbird 408120-1 Fish Finder 597ci HD DI Combo will most surely get the job done. It is one of the pricier fishfinders on the market, however you do get what you pay for with this on.

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