The Humminbird 596c hd di Review


Humminbird 596c hd di

The Humminbird 596c hd di has managed to take fishing to a different level. Marine Electronics Group of Johnson Outdoor, the manufacturer of Humminbird 596c has managed to produce a high quality and functional product for fishing enthusiasts.

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This particular fish finder has numerous unique features which largely contribute to its overall effectiveness.

Features of the Humminbird 596c hd di

1. Resolution

– Has a high resolution of 640 by 640 pixels.

– Features a 5 inch screen with a color display for better image quality.

2. Down imaging

– Features high resolution sonar down imaging of 455/800 KHz.

– This is an important feature as it helps project snapshots of in-depth images of the area beneath your boat and gives you a full understanding of whatever is happening under water.

3. Down beam

– It has down ray sonar of 200 KHz.

– This beam works together with down imaging and helps to illuminate a focused area to allow you to clearly see the area underneath the boat with clarity.

4. Custom view options

– By making use of view selection, you will be able to zoom in to views that interest you.

– This makes things more flexible and easy for you to access the necessary information.

5. Easy-disconnect mounting structure

– It is on this structure that the device is fixed on to for ease of use.

– Quite easy to disassemble and assemble the mount for ease of operation.

6. Transmit power

– Features a transmit power of 500 Watts. This is the energy produced by the transmitter.

– With this transmit power level you will be able to receive precise target detection from both short and long range scales.

7. LCD screen

– It has a colored LCD screen that allows for a better view of the projected images while the presence of an LCD screen gives a clear and sharp image projection.

– When fishing during the day when there is too much light, the LCD screen produces bright images which protects the eyes against straining.


As you look through the features of the 596c hd di, you will realize that this device has much to offer. Here are some of the other specific aspects you may want to consider.


It is a key component of the Humminbird 596c. For optimum performance, the transducer has to be positioned under water in order to tap electrical energy right from the receiver before converting it into sound waves then electrical signals which are to be presented on to the flasher. For optimum results the transducer is required to move towards one particular direction.



This involves size and resolution. The Humminbird 596c has a screen measuring 5 inches with a 640 by 640 pixel resolution. Has been fitted with a LCD screen which helps to transmit clear and sharp images. It has various light settings suitable for a number of conditions. This makes it possible for you to go on with your activity even when the sun is shinning brightly.



This device has a power output of 500 Watts. Its high output level has increased the sensing capability of this device to much smaller targets located a good distance away. It has a great depth capability and noise reduction.


Portable or fixed

The design and size of the 596c, makes it a highly portable device. You also have the option of using a mount in order to have it secured into position for better functionality.


Ease of use

This unit can be assembled quite easily and is therefore quite suitable for both amateur and expert anglers. It is an easy machine to operate due to its unique features thereby making it user friendly. A good example can be seen in the fact that it has been fitted with an LCD screen which helps to project images with the right level of brightness depending on the time of day you are out fishing. This helps to protect the eyes from straining.


Comparison to Similar Model Fishfinders

There are numerous fish finder models available on the market. For this reason, one has to take some time and look through different models together with their features before coming to the conclusion on the most suitable fish finder. This is largely dependent on their needs, requirements and skill level.

When compared to other models such as Elite 7HDI, the Humminbird 596c hd di has a screen size measuring 5 inches, which is smaller than the Elite 7HDI with a 7 inch screen.

However the Humminbird 596c has a much higher output of 500W while the Elite 7HDI has a power output of 250W. It’s important to compare similar models before deciding which one to buy. You can find more information on other fishfinders by going to our homepage here.


Seen below are the Pros and Cons of the Humminbird 596c hd di fish finder.


– User friendly.

– Can be set up quite easily.

– Reliable with simple controls.



– Has a restricted viewing angle.


Final Verdict

The Humminbird 596c hd di, a fish finder which features high resolution pixels with excellent custom view options and transmits great power. This can be a good option for anglers who take their fishing quite seriously.

The customer ratings have been largely favourable, and for a fish finder that is priced in the mid range, it can certainly be considered good value, especially when compared to some of the other much more costly models.

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