The Humminbird 581i Combo Review



As an angler, you need to equip yourself effectively if you are looking to get a good catch. One of the best ways to go about this is getting a good fish finder. A good example of such a device is the Humminbird 581i Combo. This is a product manufactured by Marine Electronics Group of Johnson Outdoors and who have made use of the most advanced technology.

The Humminbird 581i is a reliable marine device with the ability to perform even in harsh conditions. As you get to familiarize yourself with this device, it is necessary to fully understand its features in order to get the most out of your product.

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Features of the Humminbird 581i Combo

1. Advanced fishing systems

– This includes an optional WeatherSense gauge, downrigger control with interlinks for different unit use.

2. Programmable buttons

– It features three different programmable preset knobs used to show you some of the best views.

3. Super high resolution

– This enables you to get a clear view of your targeted area. The quality of information obtained is vital to the overall success of your fishing expedition. It features a resolution of 640 by 320.

4. Screen

– The size of a screen is important as it helps provide for an easy view. This model features a 5 inch display. It has a Grayscale type of screen.

5. Dual beam

– It uses a sonar system of 200/83 KHz with the capability of covering a large sized area.

– This feature consists of a focused in beam which comes with an extra beam allowing you to widen your area of interest to match that of your depth. A good example would be if your depth is 20 feet then your coverage area would also be a width of 20.

– This feature is quite versatile as it can function under different water conditions ranging from deep and shallow and also in both salt and fresh water.

6. Internal GPS

– This is a very important feature that works together with sonar to help determine your current position, map it on a grid then provide you with accurate underwater information.

– This feature also helps you to see your heading and precision speed.
Other than the mentioned features, there are various other aspects of the 581i Combo as seen below. These are just as important and necessary for an angler to get full details in order to make the right choice when looking for a suitable fish finder.

1. Transducer

This is a vital component of a fish finder. The reason for this is because its function involves transmitting energy through the water before reaching a target, and reflects the beam back which is then processed by a fish finder. The final result is the image displayed on the screen.

For enhanced performance, you should select a fish finder with a multiple element transducer. This type of transducer allows for different elements to vibrate separately at their own frequencies.

2. Display ( size and resolution)

With the 5 inch screen, a user is able to enjoy a good view due to the display of the sizable images and data. This is a good screen size which will help protect your eyes against straining and which normally occurs when viewing minute images. It has a resolution of 640 by 320 which is quite high and will therefore show you objects or fish located a good distance away.

3. Power

It features a power output of 250Watts. This involves the production of energy via a sonar transmitter. The more output produced the better and more beneficial it is to the user as they will be able to see long distant targets. It helps enhance performance while moving at high speeds.

4. Portable of fixed?

Due to its size, this device is highly portable. As a user you also have the option of mounting it in order to enjoy a hands free operation. This gives you the opportunity to make use of different functions present on the interface by the click of a finger.

5. Ease of use

It has a user friendly interface which helps to make the entire operation stress-free. No years of experience is required in order to make use of this device, therefore even amateurs will have an easy time handling it.


As listed below, Humminbird 581i has its strengths and weaknesses.


– Highly user friendly and therefore suitable for amateurs.

– Has numerous features making it highly functional.



– Grayscale display may not give you a true picture of the coverage area.


Final Verdict

The high quality 581i Combo which features a dual beam, power output of 250Watts and internal GPS to mention just but a few, is a suitable option for anglers looking to achieve excellent end results.

The main downside of this particular model is that the display is in black and white, although it really shouldn’t deter you. What is important is the power it has, and being able to locate sea life at depths of up to 800ft will be sufficient to most fishermen.

The Humminbird 581i Combo has also received positive reviews from the very vast majority of customers that have purchased this model. An important indicator of potential satisfaction.

Considering some fish finders cost much more than this one, we highly recommend the 581i Combo for any amateur fisherman.

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