The Humminbird 561 Fishfinder Review


humminbird 561

The Humminbird 561 is one of the numerous fish finder devices available in the market. The company behind the production of this device is Humminbird. Its reputation is based on top designs and high quality manufacturing of fish finder equipment which are completely reliable.

The unique design of the Humminbird 561 makes it highly user friendly regardless of the marine environment. This has largely contributed to its popularity among fishing enthusiasts. This device has numerous exceptional features which have contributed to its high performance capability. Seen below are some of its features.

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Features of the Humminbird 561

1. Switchfire sonar

– This feature is highly important and includes various sonar modes which enable you control or adjust your screen settings to suit various fishing conditions.

– It also controls the display of the sonar returns projected on the sonar views.

– The available options to work with include clear and max modes.

– Max mode allows you view everything displayed in detail. However, this can be a bit challenging for amateurs when it comes to interpretation. Clear mode is therefore more suitable for beginners since it only highlights fish and structure and shows less clutter.

2. Split-fire sonar

– It allows you to see sonar returns originating from both of the available down beam frequencies on a divided screen.

– This will enable you zoom in and compared between two different sonar returns at the same time.

3. Selective fish Identification

– This feature functions through sonar processing and enables you know the actual size of any potential catch as well as its digital depth.

– When switched on, an icon of a fish will be displayed on the screen whenever a fish corresponding that on the setting is located.

4. TrueArch

– It offers real fish arches as opposed to symbols or artificial arches.

– Its ability to produce true fish arches has been made possible due to the 60 degrees sonar beam width from the dual plus beam together with the sonar receiver. The latter is highly sensitive.

– It helps to weed out noise and any other interference which results in high quality sonar visuals.

Other than the above mentioned features, this model fishfinder also includes the following:


This section enables anglers get a good view of the area beneath the waters through sound waves. The cone angle is highly important as it determines the coverage area. The Humminbird 561 functions at a frequency of 200/83 kHz. When mounted, this section of the sonar system is usually immersed in water and helps on locating fish.

Display (Resolution and size)

Resolution and size are some of the most significant aspects of display. Humminbird 561 has a screen size measuring 5 inches and a resolution pixel of 320 by 320. With the inclusion of grey-scale, the projected images are usually crisp and clear.


It is usually gauged in Watts. The higher the wattage the more powerful and effective a fish finder will be. This is true for Humminbird 561 since it has a power output of 4000W. The latter is peak to peak.

Portable or fixed

When choosing the most suitable fish finder, you have the option to select between fixed or portable. The latter comes in quite handy for anglers who hire vessels each time they go out to fish. The Humminbird 561 is one such fishfinder. This will enable them to easily mount the transducer in the most suitable area and remove it when done with fishing as opposed to one which is permanently fixed to a vessel.

Ease of use

The Humminbird 561 is a user friendly device and can therefore be used by professional and amateur anglers. It has a simple interface which makes navigating through the menu quite easy. This will enable you to easily detect any fish present thereby increase your catch.

How does the Humminbird 561 compare with other fish finders?

In order to get the most suitable fish finder, it is important to make a comparison between different models. A good example can be seen when comparing the Humminbird 561 to the Garmin 276c. The latter has a screen measuring 3.8 inches with a resolution of 480 by 320 while that of the Humminbird 561 measures 5 inches with a pixel resolution of 320 by 320.

Another difference between these two models includes the fact that the Humminbird 561 has a TrueArch with a 60 degrees angle on the sonar beam while the Garmin 276c does not have TrueArch as part of its features.

You can compare this fishfinder with other models by viewing our interactive comparison table at our homepage.

Below are some of the pros and cons of this device:


– Easy to operate.

– Has a large screen size.

– Excellent sonar performance.


– Speed chart is not included in the unit.

– Screen is poorly sealed and easily fogs up.

– Has a rather large mounting base which makes installation a bit difficult.

Our Verdict

We found the Humminbird  561 to be a relatively good fishfiner. Without all the frills of more expensive models on the market, this particular model does its job and dare we say that it would be well suited for any amateur angler. The price is certainly on the buyers side.

The customer feedback has also been mostly positive, with most owners saying that it is a good quality fishfinder without being exceptional. A good fishfinder for the amateur fisherman.

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