The Humminbird 140c Fishfinder Review


humminbird 140c

The Humminbird 140c (also known as the Fishin’ Buddy) is the perfect fish finder for your dock, boat or float tube. As a fishing enthusiast, the right kind of fish finder will help you view underneath your boat from an eye view of a fish. This will enable you to increase your catch without any difficulty.

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Features of the Humminbird 140c Fishfinder

Most of the superior features in terms of what fishing enthusiasts look for are included in this particular model. Some of these include:

1. Display

– It features a 3.5 inch screen with a high resolution pixel of 320 by 240.

– The high resolution will enable you to zoom and focus into specific areas with more clarity.

– It features a colored display combined with back-lighting.

– The back-lighting makes it possible for you to operate your device even in dim lighting conditions or during the night.

– With a colored screen, you will be able to see echoes with enhanced clarity. The presence of different colors can assist you gauge the strength of the echoes as well as how soft or hard an object is.

2. Operating frequency

– It operates on a frequency of 200 kHz and provides great balance in regards to performance and in different conditions with a depth capability of 240 feet.

– This unit is capable of penetrating much deeper depths but with reduced resolutions.

3. SideFinding

– It helps to project detailed underwater images for the recreational anglers.

– This is achieved by the use of wide side to side beam with a narrow back to front.

– It provides 180 degrees coverage and 120 feet depth on either side of the boat.

– This can be pointed in any direction of your choice for the sole purpose of locating more fish.

4. Extendable shaft

– This shaft is capable of extending from 24 to 40 inches.

– It is therefore capable of reaching the water from a good number of mid or small sized fishing vessels.

5. Power

– It has a power output of 1000Watts on peak to peak.

– With such high output, the performance and delivery of this unit is quite exceptional.

From the features mentioned, it is clear to see that the Humminbird 140c is a reliable and flexible unit. Other important facts about this device that you need to know include:


The in-built transducer tube which measures 24 inches, enables it to function in different vessel types. With an extremely narrow cone and high operating frequencies of 240 kHz, you will receive clear images from the water. With the availability of the SideFishing on the Humminbird 140, the transducer is capable of twisting and turning in any direction.

Display (Resolution and Size)

This can either be colored or black and white. With the right display features, the images projected on the screen will be significantly clear, visible and of good quality. This is true for the Humminbird 140c since it has a screen measuring 3.5 inches with a resolution of 320 by 240 pixels. It is also important to note that the higher the pixels the better since it helps to enhance the appearance of an image.

The minimum pixel level of a fish finder is about 240 by 240 therefore anything less that this is not recommended.


The more power output a unit has the better as it enhances the effectiveness of a product. This is usually gauged in Watts. The Humminbird 140c operates on a peak to peak output of 1000Watts. The latter is used to define the total power output of a transmitter.

Portable or fixed

Fixed fish finders are highly popular who own boats since it can be permanently affixed onto a boat either on the stern or hull. The wires present in such a fish finder can easily be hidden and stored away.

When it comes to the portable units such as the Humminbird 140c, it can easily be moved about. This is due to its compact design and is therefore the best choice for small boats with examples being kayaks and canoes.

Ease of use

A fish finder with a user friendly interface comes highly recommended. This is because such a device can be used by anglers with different skill levels. The colored screen on the Humminbird 140 provides an easy view. This makes it easy to operate this particular unit.

How does the Humminbird 140c stack up with other fishfinders?

When compared to another model fish finder such as the the Garmin echo 200, the latter has smooth scaling which prevents any interruptions as you view your sonar images. This feature is not present in the Humminbird 140c.

The Garmin Echo 200 has a much larger screen too measuring 5 inches giving it a larger surface area with a better view when compared to the Humminbird 140c with a screen size of only 3.2 inches.

You can compare the Humminbird 140c with other fishfinder models by using our interactive comparison table here.


– Easy to operate

– Highly portable and reasonably priced.

– Reasonably priced and can be mounted with ease

– Has a colored screen which is easy to read.


– Lacks important features such as Chart-plotting and GPS.

– Different fish finder models with a similar price have sonars which are more powerful.

– Has basic fish finder features and may not be suitable for anglers looking for more.

Our Verdict

The Humminbird 140c is not only versatile but is also easy to operate. It can be used in any type of boat, dock or floating device to assist you increase your catch each time you go out fishing.

This model is also well priced and would be well suited for all amateur anglers. The feedback that we have received is extremely positive, which is great to hear as it enforces our feelings towards this fishfinder.

If you consider yourself to be an amateur fisherman on a budget and are unsure as to whether the Humminbird 140c is right for you, then take our word that you won’t be left disappointed.

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