The Humminbird 120 Fishfinder Review


Humminbird 120

As you look through the different fish finder models available, you will come across the Humminbird 120. This portable device is highly suitable for float tubes and small boats. It will enable you pinpoint any underwater structure as well as fish.

As a company responsible for the production of Humminbird 120, Humminbird has managed to incorporate quality and convenience in its fish finder models. This may be considered as the perfect combination for anglers when it comes to selecting the most effective fish-finder. As seen below, Humminbird 120 also has numerous features.

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Features of the Humminbird 120:

1. Depth capability

– It has a depth capability of 240 feet.

– This is a good depth and will therefore enable you get a good view of area beneath your boat as you zoom in on the fish and get your bountiful catch.

2. Display

– It has a 4 inch LCD monochrome screen. This enables the user enjoy an easy view since the details projected are not only clear but also sizeable.

– It has a resolution pixel of 240 by 160. This helps to zoom in on distance structures and fish and still project detailed images.

3. Grayscale

– This makes use of different grey shades which are used to signify how strong the sonar signal maybe. This is usually projected on the display.

– The Humminbird 120 has a grayscale of 8. This is rather strong and is an effective technique of showcasing the much needed information.

Grayscale levels usually vary from 4 to 16.

4. Temperature

– It is a highly important feature which enables a user locate warmer waters or even assist you in locating the most suitable range for your ideal fish.

– This feature comes in quite handy in locating and zooming in on fish in shallow waters.

5. Side imaging

– This is an exclusive feature which helps to project highly detailed images from the sections on either sides of your boat.

– The sonar beams produced are very wide on either side but narrow at the back or front. The width of the beam is projected to the left and right thereby offering a complete 180 degrees coverage.

– This feature enables you see through muddy waters as you locate bumps, piles and even a school of fish which would have otherwise been impossible to see.

Other important points to consider include:


It is from this section that the sound waves are transmitted for the purpose of allowing you to see underneath the water. The most important feature of a transducer is the cone. This is the beam of a width projected. The wider is it, the larger the view. This can be said for the 120 since it has a width coverage of 180 degrees.

Display (Resolution and size)

This is an important aspect of a fish finder. The bigger it is the better as it provides a much greater viewing area. This means that the digital readouts, chart-plotting and structures will be quite easy to see and interpret.

The quality of the projected data is also enhanced. All these apply to the Humminbird 120 due to its four inch LCD screen.


It is measured in Watts and the higher it is the better. This means more power and increased effectiveness. The Humminbird 120 has a peak to peak power output of 1000 Watts making it an effective device. It is also important to note that fishing in shallow waters requires less power.

Portable or fixed

Anglers can either choose between buying portable or permanently affixed fish finders. Portable units such as this one usually make use of suction cups for attachment. Portable units can be used in a number of situations and usually perform just as good as immobile models. In most cases, the main difference between the two is portability.

Ease of use

With a simple interface, the Humminbird 120 is a good example of a user friendly device.

Comparison between the Humminbird 120 and other models:

When compared to another fish finder model such as the Garmin echo 200, the difference is notable. To begin with, the latter has a side scanning capability of 120 degrees while that of the Humminbird is much higher at 180 degrees.

However the 120 has a screen size measuring 4 inches while that of the Garmin echo 200 has a larger screen at 5 inches.

You can find other comparisons with different models by viewing our interactive comparison table on our homepage, by clicking here.

The Pros and Cons of Humminbird 120 include:


– User friendly

– Fairly priced for its quality.

– Its features give it a high performance capability.


– On and Off button has been noted to be rather stubborn thereby takes time to boot.

– The map available is rather complicated making it difficult for users to interpret.

Our Verdict:

With high quality fish finders such as the Humminbird 120 being made available to anglers, fishing has never been easier. This device will enable you to view underneath the waters with much precision. Its numerous features which include side imaging, grayscale and temperature have contributed to its popularity.

The price of this particular model is also in the mid to low range, making it affordable to the majority of amateur anglers. The feedback we’ve received from other customers has been extremely positive. Of all the mid range fish finders on the market, this one is probably the best. If your budget will only allow you to spend a couple of hundred dollars, then you strongly consider purchasing the Humminbird 120.

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