The Humminbird 1198c Review


Humminbird 1198c Fishfinder

The Humminbird 1198c is one of the latest models from Humminbird, with the capability to provide you as a fishermen with exceptional features, allowing your efforts while fishing to become more productive and hassle free.

Some of the aspects present on this particular model have contributed to its exceptional performance capability in the water.

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Features of the Humminbird 1198c

  • A more advanced and speedy microprocessor for improved refresh times.
  • Full color display screen measuring 10.4″ with an exceptional pixel resolution of 600V by 800H.
  • An LCD LED backlight screen that creates better visibility especially under direct sunlight.
  • Sonar coverage of up to 180 degrees. This gives you a clear view of the sea floor.
  • Power output of 8000 watts of peak to peak performance.
  • High definition on down and side imaging. Side scanning can reach 240 feet with depths of 150 feet.
  • Down beam of 83/200KHZ with a depth capability of 1500 ft.
  • External GPS with 50 channels with a double SD card opening used for loading Navionics charts.
  • Sharing of GPS and sonar data between various units via an Ethernet port.

Other features include:

1. Transducer: It is one of the main components of the Humminbird 1198c. In order to get optimum performance, the transducer must be immersed in water to receive electrical energy direct from the receiver which is then converted into sound waves then back to electrical signals which are then displayed on the flasher.
This unit has a standard transducer of 83KHZ and 200KHZ. It has the capability of going up to a point of 1500ft.

2. Display: The Humminbird 1198c has a wide screen measuring up to 10.4 inches with high resolution capability. Other than high definition, it has a rich 4.3 TFT color making the on screen sonar images and charts pop. In addition, this TFT color has numerous light settings for different conditions and also has the ability to perform even when the sun is at its brightest.

3. Power: This unit has a power output of up to 8000 watts. This is peak to peak and therefore measures the output at its highest points.Due to its increased output levels, this unit has the capability of sensing smaller targets at far off distances, noise reduction as well as significantly improved depth capability.

4. Portable or fixed: The size of the Humminbird 1198c makes it highly portable. This device can also be firmly secured on to a mount for improved functionality.

5. Ease of use: This is an easy to assemble unit for both professional and amateur fishermen. When it comes to its use, the features present have made it easy to operate making it highly user friendly.

With the high resolution screen, crystal clear images are projected and allow for accurate interpretation of data collected. With the information, you will be able to increase your catch.

Like most other similar products, this fishfinder has its Pros and Cons.


  • Big screen display with crystal clear images and videos.
  • The down and side imaging capabilities are helpful for numerous reasons.
  • Simple and straight to the point manuals which allow you to get a better understanding of the entire unit.
  • It is user friendly.
  • Depending on the fishing conditions, this unit allows for on screen adjustments for optimum performance.


  • When on Max mode, the images projected on the screen can become too much, making it almost impossible for an amateur to fully interpret images and data displayed.
  • When compared to similar products with the same standard, the Humminbird 1198c is more expensive.


Our Verdict

With the Humminbird 1198c, fishing can now become less complicated and you should most certainly attain better results. As an amateur fisherman, this particular model may be considered outside of the budgeted price range, however the extensive features present in this model have made it user friendly and a good addition to the wide range of Humminbird products. Certainly recommended for anyone who takes their fishing seriously.

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