The Humminbird 110 Fishfinder Review


Humminbird 110

Fish finders are devices which have become quite significant when it comes to fishing. This is mainly due to the fact that they help make the entire fishing process much easier. A good example of such a device is the Humminbird 110. This product has been manufactured by Humminbird, a company known for the production of high quality and reliable devices.

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Due to the wide variety of fish finder products available, it is important to get as much information as you can on different fish finder models including the. One of the best ways to go about this is by looking through its features. Seen below are some of the features of the Humminbird 110.

Features of the Humminbird 110 Fishfinder

1. Fish ID

– This feature allows you to catch your most preferred fish which is clearly portrayed on the screen as a fish symbol.

– Depending on the strength of the sonar, you may also get to know how big the fish is.

2. Display

– It features a screen with a diagonal measurement of 4 inches.

– This makes viewing quite easy since the projected images are quite visible.

– Resolution is an important part of display as it enables you adjust the available settings in order to zoom in and gain range to your targeted areas.

– This model features a resolution of 160 by 128 pixels thereby making it quite powerful.

3. Gray-scale

– This involves the use of different tones of gray as a means of representing the displayed sonar signal strength.

– Black is used to represent the strongest signals with the shade becoming lighter as the signals weaken.

– It has a gray-scale level of 4.

4. Temperature gauge

– This feature is highly important as it enables a user locate warmer waters or detect the most suitable fish r

– It will therefore help you find and zoom in to your preferred fish.

Apart from the above mentioned features, there are various other notable points about this device that you need to be aware of.

These include:


The main function of a transducer is to focus on any area of interest underneath the water then project all the images within the specified sections back onto the screen. This makes it the main component of a fish finder.

The Humminbird 110 consists of a 24 inch fixed pole transducer mounting. This is a portable clamp which can be dismantled whenever necessary. For best results, the transducer should be submerged in water.

Display ( Resolution and Size)

Screen size is an important aspect of a fish finder and should therefore be given good consideration. Small sized screens are not highly recommended unless the unit only functions as a backup. However, if the unit in question is expected to function as the main electronic, then the larger the screen size the better. This helps provide a much larger viewing surface.

Resolution is also important as it helps you zoom in and focus on certain sections within a specific distance. With 160 by 128 pixels, the 110 will therefore provide you with a good view of the fish and any structure present within an area of interest.


The power output of a fish finder device is usually measured in Watts. This can either be classified as RMS or peak to peak. The latter describes the total power output. A low output translates to slow readings. The Humminbird 110 has a peak to peak output of 1000Watts making it rather powerful.

It is important to note that when fishing in shallow waters, less power is required and vice versa for deeper waters.

Portable or fixed

Anglers can choose between portable devices which can easily be removed or fixed onto a vessel. Fixed devices are usually permanently affixed on to a boat. Portable devices are best suited for anglers who rent boats. Fixed devices work best for anglers who own their own boats since they can be permanently mounted onto a desired position. This can either be on the hull, stern or trolling motor.

This model is considered as being portable and can therefore be used in different situations. Its compact design makes it quite easy to carry around. It also has the ability to function just as proficiently as fixed units with the main difference being portability.

Ease of use

Devices such as the Humminbird 110 with simple interfaces are quite easy to operate. This makes it suitable for both amateurs and skilled anglers.

How does the Humminbird 110 compare to similar other models?

There are a number of differences that can be found when comparing fishfinder models. This is clearly evident between the Humminbird 110 and the Lowrance elite- 7x. The latter features a screen with a diagonal measurement of 7 inches while that of the Humminbird model has a much smaller screen measuring 4 inches.

The Lowrance elite-7x features trackback which enables a user to access available sonar history or previously covered sections. This is not present in the Humminbird 110.

However the Humminbird model is certainly a lot less expensive though coming in at about a third of the price of the Lowrance 7x.

If you would like to compare the Humminbird model with other models or brands, we encourage you to check our fishfinder comparison table.


– It is reasonably priced for its quality.

– Highly accurate

– User-friendly.


– Not quite suitable for larger vessels.

– Some consider it as being too simple.

– It only offers the basic fish finder features and would therefore not be suitable for anglers looking for more.

Our Verdict

The two major advantages of the Humminbird 110 is that it’s portable and is very well priced. This particular fishfinder will suit most inexperienced anglers by its simplicity and ease of use. The features present are also adequate and will get the job done.

However if you are looking for an advanced piece of equipment I would say that this is probably not the fish finder for you. Best to choose a different model.

The feedback that we have received has been very positive and the Humminbird 110 shouldn’t break the bank either as it is priced at the lower end of the market.

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