The Garmin Echo 500c Review


Garmin Echo 500c

The fishing experience has never gotten better than with the use of different types of fish finders such as the Garmin echo 500c. The production of this device incorporated everything that fishermen look for in a fish finder unit. This has contributed to its power and performance.

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The company behind the production of this device is Garmin. It was founded in the year 1989 and is based in Lenexa, Kansas. It made use of advanced technology in the production of the Garmin echo 500 thereby providing anglers with more detailed fish arches and enhanced structure detail and image separation.

Features of the Garmin Echo 500c

The high performance capability and power of a fish finder largely depends on its features. Seen below are some features of Garmin echo 500c.

1. Screen

– It has an LCD screen measuring 5 inches.

– This is quite effective as it enables viewing under direct sunlight.

– Features a 5 inch bright screen which is sizable thereby provide good and easy viewing.

2. Smooth scaling

– This is a technological feature which prevents you from losing sight of any sonar history whenever the device moves to different depth angles.

– It also provides you with the ability to rewind all the available sonar history to make sure that nothing has been missed.

3. Resolution

– It features a high resolution of 640 by 480 pixels. This enables you to get a clear view and detailed information on fish returns, bottom structures and contours.

– This type of clarity makes it quite easy for you to interpret the projected images.

4. Double beam transducer

– Has a viewing angle of 120 degrees beam width.

– This side scanning enables you to get a clear view of the sides of the boat right from your screen.

– With the presence of the powerful sonar, you will be able to see depths of 1900 feet while in fresh waters.

5. Power

– It has a transmit power output of 4000Watts (peak to peak).

– With such power levels the device becomes more efficient and powerful.

6. HD-ID tracking

– This feature provides you with enhanced definition and separation of available images thereby providing extremely clear images of everything that lies below.

When looking at a fish finder device such as Garmin echo 500c, there are various other important features that one needs to look into and they include;


This is the section that emits sound waves which enable you get a view of whatever lies beneath the water’s surface. One of the most important aspects of a transducer is the cone angle which is basically how wide the beam sent from the bottom section of your boat is. The wider the cone, the better it is as it allows you get a larger view of whatever it is that lies below.

As already stated, the Garmin echo has a transducer with a dual beam. This means that it is capable of covering more water.

Display(Resolution and size)

The large 5 inch screen of Garmin echo 500 provides you with a larger viewing surface. This automatically means that chart plotting, digital readouts such as temperature and structure will be viewed quite easily and recognized.


The power output of a fish finder is measured in Watts. Garmin echo 500 has a peak to peak power output of 4000Watts. This is described as the total power output of the transmitter. This particular device has a high wattage which means it is powerful and highly efficient. Devices with low power outputs are not efficient since they give a delayed reaction of a particular spot which you happen to have traveled over.

Portable or fixed

Anglers can choose from fish finders which can either be always fixed to their boats or one which can either be attached or removed from the boat with relative ease. For individuals who hire boats, the portable version such as the Echo 500c comes highly recommended. Portable units usually make use of suction cups as an attachment device whenever necessary.

Ease of use

An effective fish finder is one which is user friendly. This makes operating it quite easy and can therefore be used by both professionals and amateurs alike. The Garmin echo 500c is considered as being user friendly due to its enhanced interface and numerous features.

How does the Garmin Echo 500c compare to other models

When compared to a model such as the Humminbird Piranhamax 170 which has a 4 inch size screen with a resolution of 260 by 160, the Eco 500c has a much higher resolution of 640 by 480 and a large screen size of 5 inches.

The Garmin echo 500c also has power output of 4000 Watts peak to peak while that of Humminbird Piranhamax is 1600. Therefore the latter has less wattage.

For further comparisons between various models, please check out our interactive table on our homepage.


– User friendly.

– Has a compact design and full featured.

– Excellent performance capabilities.


– User manual lacks full details of different functions of the device.

Our Verdict

The Garmin echo 500c has managed to meet the expectation of different anglers. This has made fishing easy and much more entertaining. In light of ratings based on previous buyers of this particular model, we have received very good feedback in this regard.

It isn’t the cheapest model on the market but it also isn’t too expensive. For it’s price, it’s certainly worth the money.

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