The Garmin Echo 300c Review



In order to enhance your fishing experience and increase your catch, you need to make use of good quality equipment. One such example is the Garmin echo 300c fish finder. This device will easily enable you to view the area beneath your boat.

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As one of the leading fish finder brands, Garmin now a Swiss company (and previously American owned company) since 2010 was founded in the year 1989. It is known for producing high quality fish finder equipment such as this model, the Garmin echo 300. This brand is made up of various high quality fish finder models capable of giving fishermen the right kind of service and performance capabilities.

Features of the Garmin Echo 300c

Garmin echo 300 has numerous features which have greatly contributed to its favorable overall performance in the water. Some of these features include:

1. Display.
– It has a screen size measuring 3.5 inches with a colored display.

– This enables the user get a detailed and clear view of the images displayed on the screen.

– The user surface is also improved making it much easier to operate even under direct sunlight.

– The screen has an ultra-scroll used for display updates at high speed.

2. Power output.

– It features power output of 150 watts on RMS and 1200 Watts peak to peak.

– This features a viewing angle going up to 120 degrees wide with a depth of 1500 feet.

3. Automatic gain settings.

– This works by automatically adjusting sonar sensitivity.

– The right sensitivity will enable you to distinguish between bottom and cover since bamboo or weeds differ with silt or rock when it comes to density. This will also enable you to identify fish because it has different density from the ones mentioned.

4. White line.

– It gives you a clear display of the thickness of the bottom.

– It works by displaying the top part of the sea floor in white in order to clearly reveal the bottom structures.

– Helps to distinctly separate bottom fish and weeds.

5. Voltage indicator.

– Informs you on the power condition of the flasher.

– This will give you an up-to date statues on the power level of your battery.

As seen below, there are various other important aspects of Garmin echo 300c.


It has been fitted with a dual beam type of transducer which offers outstanding exposure in shallow waters. It is important to have the transducer positioned in the right manner in order to have it perform at its best.


Display (Resolution and size)

The Garmin echo 300c has a colored screen measuring 3.5 inches. It is a sizable screen capable of providing you with a clear view thereby enable you read everything displayed on the screen with ease.



When rating the effectiveness of a fish finder, power is an important aspect. This is because high levels of power enhance performance even at high speeds. The Echo 300c has a peak to peak power output of 1200 Watts.

Portable or fixed

You can make use of a changeable mounting bracket whose main function is to steadily fix and hold it into a desired position when required. When not in use, you can easily remove the fish finder from the mount and use it in a different vessel especially for fishermen who hire these boats.


Ease of use

The Garmin echo 300c has an improved user surface which makes it quite easy to use. The use of highly advanced technology in smooth scaling enables you maintain all the available sonar history even as the device moves to different depth ranges.


Comparison to other models

Apart from the Garmin echo 300, the market is filled with different types of fish finders. One of the most effective ways of selecting the most suitable device for you is comparing different models (link to our comparison table). A good example is comparing the Garmin 300c to the Humminbird 788ci. The latter has a TFT 5 inch screen while Garmin echo 300c has a much smaller screen measuring 3.5 inches.

Another difference between these two fish finder models can be seen in the internal GPS a feature present in Humminbird 788ci. This feature includes 50 internal GPS channels which provide the user numerous options for calculating the exact distance and positioning of targeted areas. This feature is not present in the Garmin echo 300c.

One would think that the Humminbird 788ci is fairly superior in these respects, however any advantages it may have is taken into account in the price as it is more than 3 times more expensive than the echo 300c.



– Easy to use and can therefore be used by both professional and amateurs.

– Has excellent display which is readable under direct sunlight.

– Provides real-time updates which are extremely accurate.

– Well priced for its level of quality.


– It does not come with a back-lit display.

– The transducer wire is not long enough. This forces a user to purchase more wire for additional length.


Our Verdict

The high power output, ease of use and screen clarity makes the Garmin echo 300c a suitable device for a good number of anglers. You will be able to increase your catch and do so effortlessly.

The price of the echo 300c isn’t too prohibitive at all and customers that have purchased this particular model have given it very good reviews. We found that this model will suit pretty much all amateur fisherman.

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