The Garmin Echo 200 Review



Due to the presence of different fish-finder devices such as the Garmin Echo 200, anglers can now get a good view of different types of fish in their habitat, zoom in on their targets and get a bountiful catch. The manufacturer of this particular model, Garmin has made use of the best technology and made this device user friendly and powerful.

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Features of the Garmin Echo 200 Fishfinder

A fish-finder is only as good as its features. This makes the Garmin echo 200 highly functional. This is one of the key aspects that anglers look for when shopping for a suitable unit. Some of its unique features include;

1. HD-ID target.

– With this tracking feature, you will be able to get a rich picture of everything that lies beneath the surface of the water.- It actually helps you to get rid of guess-working when out fishing.

2. Power.

– The unit has a power output of 300Watts.

– The higher the output the more effective a unit is, therefore this makes a Garmin echo 200 quite operational.

3. Screen/display.

– It has a screen measuring 5 inches. This is large enough and allows you to get a good view of the images displayed.

– The display is gray-scale.

4. Dual beam transducer.

– It has the ability to scan a depth of 1500 feet.

– It also has a good wide scanning range of 120 degrees which is also suitable for shallow waters.

5. Smooth scaling.

– This feature allows you to enjoy an uninterrupted sonar image viewing.

– This enables you to maintain your sonar history even when the depth ranges of the device changes.

– It also enables you to rewind all your sonar history to make sure nothing has been left out.

With the numerous brands of fish-finders available in the market, it can take a good amount of time before you can get the most suitable device. For this reason, in order to find the best fish finder for you, you need to gather as much information as you can on different brands. Seen below is some additional information on Garmin Echo 200.



This section of the unit converts sound waves for purposes of showing what is underneath the water. One of the most important features of a transducer is the cone angle. When a cone has a larger extensive degree, it will cover a wide area. Garmin 200 has a dual beam transducer and therefore has the capability of covering a wider area.

Display (Resolution and size)

Display is an important part of a fish-finder device. In as much as gray-scale are used on a good number of anglers, advancement in technology has given rise to colored screens. Such screens project simpler and clearer images. As much as Garmin 200 has a black and white screen, its size which measures about 5 inches is large enough and will therefore project clear and large images.


The power produced by a sonar device is measured in Watts. It has been noted that the more Watts produced the more compelling and effective a unit becomes. This is true for Garmin echo since it has a power output of 300Watts.

Portable or fixed.

Anglers have the option of purchasing a fish-finder which will be permanently fixed to their water-boat or one which is highly portable and can easily be taken out when not being used. Individuals who hire water-crafts mainly select portable units which they can easily remove from the mount when they are done with fishing. Garmin 200 is portable and can therefore be moved about with ease.

Ease of use

Anglers prefer working with user friendly devices. This helps to make the entire fishing process less complicated and more productive. As a fish-finder, Garmin echo is a user friendly device. This is clear to see through a number of its features which include smooth scaling. This feature allows a user to rewind and look through the sonar history to ensure no critical detail was left out.

Comparison with other model fishfinders

Comparing different models is very important before purchasing a unit. This will enable you know the full capability of a product and its superiority when compared to other models. A good example can be seen when comparing the Garmin echo 200 to the Vexilar T-pod SP100. The latter has an audible fish alarm which helps you locate fish. This feature is not present in the Garmin echo 200. However the Vexilar is also a much simpler machine in other respects and certainly not as powerful.

You will find comparisons with other models at our homepage. See our interactive chart to filter through the various models.


– User friendly.

-Excellent depth reading even at high speed.

– Good value for money considering the features that are included.


– Setup manual is not detailed.

– Has a gray-scale screen which does not project sharp and detailed images.


Our Verdict

The features present in the Garmin echo 200 fish finder which include a dual beam transducer and smooth scaling to mention just but a few, have made this device a favorite for many anglers. The customer reviews for this particular model have also been fantastic, with the vast majority of owners giving the Echo 200 a high distinction.

The value for money when compared to many of the more expensive models is astounding. No matter if you’re an amateur or a serious angler, the Garmin Echo 200 will provide results in spades and shouldn’t leave you disappointed. Certainly one of the best fish finders on the market. Highly recommended.

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