The Garmin 276c Review


Garmin 276c

Getting the best results when fishing will depend on the type and quality of devices you make use of. A good example would be a Garmin 276c. With this unit, you will be able to get a good view of the area around your boat when out on the water. This will allow you to zoom in and get your catch.

This particular model has been manufactured by Garmin. The use of advanced technology in its production process has made it highly dependable. As seen below, it also has numerous features which have largely contributed to its versatility and high performance level.

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Features of the Garmin 276c Marine Mapper

1. Screen

– Features a diagonally measured 3.5 inch screen.

– It has a high resolution pixel of 480 by 320.

– The TFT screen features a 256-color and includes a modifiable LED backlight.


2. Battery power

– It makes use of Lithium rechargeable battery which can last anywhere between 5 to 15 hours. This is dependent on the backlight settings.

3. Chart-plotter

– It features a built-in cartography consisting of automatic routing as well as turn by turn trails to different interest points.

– This also includes a course deviation pointer for steering thereby helping the fishermen maintain their course.

– It is compatible with user or pre-programmed statistic cards. This gives you more options when it comes to adding different forms of map data.


4. Blue-chart

– It has been fitted with a blue chart which has a night mode option. This provides an easy view for fishermen when operating during the night.


5. GPS

– It is WAAS enabled. This means that it has the capability of giving you a more accurate position when out on the water.

– The GPS receiver features 12 channels which prevent you from losing your position and fishing spot.


6. USB cable

– This makes it easy for you to transfer maps from your computer via the USB cable.


Other than the features present, there are various other important aspects about this device that you should familiarize yourself with. These include;


The way you position your transducer will make a big difference when it comes to its performance level. Submerging it into the water is one of the best positions for optimum results. From this position, a signal is emitted and reflects off objects then bounces back before being sent to a processor. The latter interprets the data then displays it on the screen.


Display ( Resolution and Size)

The right display will help you view and interpret the images and information presented on the screen with ease. The Garmin 276c has a 250 colored screen with a size of 3.5 inches and a resolution of 480 by 320. This will enable you see objects or fish located deep in the water. The size of the screen is smaller than other Garmin models such as the 550c.



Power output is another important aspect of a fish finder. This will vary from one model to another. It has been noted that the higher the output the better it is as it comes with numerous benefits. This includes noise reduction, when at high speeds, performance and depth capability is enhanced. All this can be said about the Garmin 276c since it features a power output of 400Watts and a peak to peak output of 4000Watts.


Portable or fixed?

This unit comes with a modifiable mounting bracket which can be used to hold it firmly into position whenever necessary. The mount can easily be dissembled and the unit easily moved from one place to another thereby making it highly portable.


Ease of use

The Garmin 276c is a highly versatile unit with a user friendly interface. This makes it quite easy to operate not only for skilled anglers but amateurs as well. Some of the features that contribute to this factor include a course deviation pointer which immediately notifies a user when they steer off course.


Some of the Pros and Cons of the 276c include;


– Excellent even when working under direct sunlight.

– Has detailed marine maps.

– Beautiful screen



– Screen size is rather small.

– Set up for the memory card is rather poor.


Our Verdict

The 276c is a very sound marine mapper. It is powerful yet well designed. Although the screen is a little smaller than some of the other models on the market, it’s 256 color display helps in this regard at presenting the findings quite clearly.

Priced at the medium end of the spectrum, this GPS receiver will be a good addition to your fishing arsenal. The user reviews have also been very good, which just re enforces our opinion of the Garmin 276c

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