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Identifying the Best Portable Fish Finder

A portable fish finder is a device for locating underwater fish, and it uses energy sound pulses like SONAR to do this. Today’s fish finders indicate measurements in a graphical or sound display that allows an operator to locate the bottom of the water, schools of fish

Trout Fishing Tips – A Guide on How to Catch Trout

The trout is the name of a freshwater fish characterized by their elongated bodies and a small fin between the tail and dorsal fins. A trout has a large mouth that carries forward unlike most fish, and they can appear speckled, blotched or striped, its appearance determined

Fishing Tips and Tricks – Our Top 10 Picks

Fishing is a lot of fun, and it’s no wonder it’s a big hobby for a lot of people. While it’s relatively simple to pick up, there’s so much more you can get out of it if you invested more time and study. As the fishing tips

Top 10 Ice Fishing Tips

More and more people are enjoying ice fishing, but some of the fun turns to frustration when you’re unable to get any angling action. Here are some tips to help with your ice fishing as well as what gear to bring along. These Are Our Top 10

10 River Fishing Tips

River fishing can be a great way to spend some time for relaxation, but it can also be seen as a sport. The best locations for this activity can be rivers that are smaller and that can be crossed in some areas easily. The practice should not

4 Tips On How To Catch Crappie

 There are two species of crappie, called white and black. These species can be often confused, because they are similar, but the black one has the colors silver-green and it is deeper bodied. The white one has the same color that its name states. Water temperature can

Choosing the Best Fish Finder

Most fish finder reviews will give you information about what type of fish finder will suit you best pointing it to a particular fish finder. The fact of the matter is that the best fish finder for you will depend on a number of factors including the needs