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How to Choose the Best Fish Finder

The reason you have landed here is because you are in search of a Fish Finder. The problem is, which one is right for you?

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Hopefully you will not have to look any further. Here you will find an array of reviews for all the best fish finder products available on the market today. We take an unbiased approach when reviewing these products, and although you will find many here that are certainly worth purchasing, we also review fish finders that we believe simply are not up to scratch. If we wouldn’t buy it then neither should you!

Where to Start?

Our site is here for you to browse through the various reviews and articles in order to give you a more informed perspective when choosing to buy the right Fishfinder.

The interactive fish finder comparison chart, also seen below will hopefully guide you in the right direction based on your preferences. We have reviewed all of these and you can find more information on each one by clicking on the specific Fishfinder model.

You can also go directly to the reviews page clicking on the reviews tab on the top menu to go directly to our top recommended and best fish finder products. We also have reviews of the best portable fish finders if that is what you are after. Alternatively general articles on all aspects of fishing can be reached by clicking on the articles tab on the top menu.

Below the chart you will also find some basic questions and answers relating to fish finders as well as five main benefits to owning a fish finder.

ImagesFishfinderBrandDisplay (Size/Type)PriceAverage Customer Rating
Garmin Echo 550C FishfinderGarmin5-inch / 256 colors$$$4.4
Humminbird 385ci Waterproof Fishfinder Humminbird3.5-inch / 256 colors$$$4.3
Garmin Waterproof Fishfinder 300C Garmin3.5-inch / 256 colors$$4.5
Humminbird 597ci HD DI Combo Fishfinder Humminbird5-inch / 256 colors$$$$4.1
Garmin Echo 100 Fish FinderGarmin4-inch / Black and White$4.6
Lowrance Elite 5×5 Inch Waterproof FishfinderLowrance5-inch / 256 colors$$$4.2
Humminbird 998c SI FishfinderHumminbird8-inch/ 256 colors$$$$4.3
Humminbird ICE 35 FishfinderHumminbird7.2-inch/ 256 colors$$4.5
Humminbird 1198c FishfinderHumminbird10.4-inch / Full Color$$$$4.2
Humminbird 788ci FishfinderHumminbird5-inch / 256 colors$$$3.8
Humminbird 596c hd di FishfinderHumminbird5-inch / 256 colors$$$$4.8
Humminbird 581i Combo FishfinderHumminbird5-inch / Black and White$$4.1
Humminbird 898c FishfinderHumminbird7-inch / 256 colors$$$$4.8
Garmin 276c FishfinderGarmin3.5-inch / 256 colors$$$4.0
Lowrance HDS 7 FishfinderLowrance6.4-inch / 256 colors$$$4.1
Humminbird Piranhamax 160 FishfinderHumminbird4-inch / Black and White$4.3

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Common Questions on Fish Finders

What are Fish Finders?

A fish finder, also called the sounder, is a device that is used to tell the location of fish in water. It emits sound waves in a form of a cone shape. Sound waves spread out as they leave the transducer. In most cases, the cone is fixed just beneath the boat.

Where did the products come from?

Basically, fish finders are a type of SONAR. Their origins can be traced to fathometers. With the advancement of technology, the CRT’s were used with fathometers and this was the birth of the fish finders.

Do you really need a fish finder? And Why are these devises popular?

If you are bank fishing or fishing from a small boat, a small portable sonar unit will help you to interpret the water surrounding you. Fish finders are fascinating tools. Sportsmen often believe that sonar units find fish only. It should be understood that a fish finder will not only allow a fisherman or a sportsman to catch the fish. In general a fish finder helps to establish; depth of water, temperature and the general constitution of the bottom of the body.

How much do Fish finders cost?

You need not shop for a top-of-the-line model. Start small. In the market you can find very good fish finders that go for less than $200. However if you find that you have paid more, you could be investing in something that has a powerful transmitter, a sharper display, color screens, and several other features. But don’t forget that even a basic fish finder will give you important details.

Four Main Benefits of Fish Finders

1) Location – Fish finders of today use modern GPS technology, that functions similarly like the sat nav in a car. It charters the location as the boat moves over water. Without a fish finder, it can be very difficult to keep track of the changes in position while one is out at sea.

2) Temperature and pressure sensitivity – The capabilities of the modern fish finder will allow to pinpoint the exact location of fish using a temperature gage, particularly during spawning season. Modern fish finders usually also have inbuilt track back capabilities  in order to review the movements one has made in order to change location whilst fishing.

3) Speed – Many Fish finders incorporate speedometers that will inform you of the boats speed. This can be very helpful information, as travelling too fast can in fact scare off the fish in the area. Some fish finders will also give guidance as to what the optimal speed is  for trolling in certain areas to maximise the potential of catching fish.

4)Price  – Fish finders are not necessarily expensive. It is true that you will pay top dollar for the top of the range, however for the casual fisherman there are plenty of fish finders in the market priced at below $200.